14 tips to gain more followers on Instagram in 2023

The social network Instagram is essential in a marketing strategy, because it allows you to have visibility. To do this, you need to have as many followers as possible. I give you 14 tips to gain more followers quickly on Instagram in 2023.

Use hashtags to get more followers

Hashtags are very trendy on Instagram. They help you grow your account faster and reach new followers. They should be included in your profile and all your offline communication strategies. When you use the right hashtags, your Instagram posts and publications become easier to find.

To choose them, you can take inspiration from those used by competing accounts. You can also read Instagram posts on the same topic to make your choices. To make the search easier, I recommend using hashtag apps for Instagram. These tools help you find popular hashtags or specific hashtags that are related to your field more quickly. You can also add geolocation tags to your posts. They will help you reach Instagram users who are in your area. So you should also focus on local to gain more followers on Instagram.

Post quality content to gain more followers on Instagram

To hook and engage Instagram users, you need to post relevant content on your account. You can inform them about a topic, give them practical advice… Your texts must be coherent and provide real added value to your followers. Then there is the video content that captures the attention of your subscribers.

I therefore suggest that you do Instagram lives, stories, real ones. You should also make sure that the videos are of good quality especially if you want to put them on your Instagram profile. A video on profile will stay indefinitely. Old and new followers will see it as soon as they access your Instagram account.

The content you post should also be in a good format. For images and photos, use the JPG format. For video content, I recommend MP4. Both formats are compatible with several platforms, including Instagram. As a web specialist, I can help you create the perfect digital content for Instagram and for your business. With my services, you will be able to reach your target audience more easily and get thousands of followers on Instagram.

Participate in popular discussions on Instagram

To better engage your community, I recommend mixing popular and trending hashtags in your posts. This will give you the opportunity to reach all Instagram users who are interested in these topics. Also comment on posts, images and photos that carry these hashtags. This will create a relationship of trust between you and your target audience.

Stay in touch with your Instagram community

Instagram is a social network that favours interaction between users. You should therefore stay in touch with your followers. To do this, you need to make regular posts, react to comments, likes… You also need to take an interest in accounts similar to yours and the accounts of your competitors’ followers. Interacting with these Instagram users will allow you to quickly grow your community. The algorithm of the social network will guess the audience to which it should submit your Instagram account. To be responsive even on the go, install the latest version of the app on your phone.

Promote the Instagram account on other social networks

You should make your Instagram account the focus of all your communication efforts. To do this, you need to talk about it on all your other social networks. This way you will reach many other Instagram users. You can redirect them with your hashtags or link your Instagram account to your other social networks.

Optimize your Instagram profile to get more Instagram followers

Your Instagram profile is the first thing that users of the network will see when they visit your account. So it needs to be complete and optimised. This is what will help you turn visitors into followers. A complete Instagram profile should include :

  • a clear and representative photo,
  • An Instagram bio that presents you well and motivates followers to discover your account,
  • a catchy and consistent username,
  • a link that redirects to your other accounts on other social networks.

If it is a corporate Instagram account, the link can also redirect to your website. Finally, you should put in the necessary information to give followers the possibility to contact you if needed.

Use influencer marketing to get more followers

Influencer marketing is a communication strategy that is widely used on Instagram. It allows you to create a genuine relationship of trust with your followers. Influencers have followers who are highly engaged. Their community follows all their posts and publications. The influencer will therefore help you reach new Instagram users, most of whom will be their followers.

Post regularly to gain more followers

To gain new followers, you need to post regularly on your Instagram account. If you are a brand, I recommend making Instagram posts at least 4-7 times a week. You can do more posts if you have the opportunity. However, you should always make sure that the content (images, photos, videos, texts) is of good quality. Then you have to choose the right time for your publications. To do this, you need to target the days and times when your Instagram community is most engaged.

Use templates for your Instagram stories and posts

There are free templates and templates you can use to make your Instagram stories. They help you to have a match between your stories and the posts on your profile. With these tools, there will be consistency and uniformity in your Instagram content.

Attract more followers by highlighting your personality

Your Instagram account should be unique and personalized. This will allow your followers to identify with you and feel comfortable. This is what will make them want to follow you. Apart from the perfect posts, show your community your daily life a few times. Post selfies, photos and real videos of yourself without a filter.

Use Instagram advertising to gain more followers

Advertising is a very practical marketing strategy. It offers you the opportunity to make your Instagram account more visible and gain new followers. To reach the audience you want, you need to determine a social class, a geographical location, an age group… You can make new content to boost or use old posts, photos and images.

Insert call to actions in your Instagram posts

The call to action is a marketing strategy that is used in all fields. On Instagram, it consists of pushing users to perform an action. In order to gain more followers and subscribers, you should therefore make inciting posts. Invite the Instagram community to follow you, to share, to like…

Carefully caption your images and photos

The captions you put on photos and images posted on Instagram can earn you more followers. When you make good descriptions, you encourage engagement and sharing with your community. Through these actions, your followers will help you reach other Instagram users.

Run contests to get new followers

The principle of contests on Instagram is often simple. It consists of inviting your followers to do an action that will make them win a gift. To get the majority of your followers engaged, I suggest you get them to participate for free. Contests on Instagram will strengthen the bond with your followers and develop your reputation. They will help you to reach other users of this network and therefore have more followers.

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