5 tips to make money with LinkedIn

5 tips to make money with LinkedIn

5 tips to make money with LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is the leading social network for professionals. So it can also be a great social network for making money. You’ve probably already read many articles on how to make your profile perfect, how to create a business page, and how to drive traffic to your website. This information is all very important, but once you do that, you can also make money on LinkedIn.

You can do this by signing up for a premium account, offering services, finding advertisers, promoting your profile to the max, and getting your longtime dream job!

Earning money on LinkedIn: a brief overview on LinkedIn to start?

For beginners who want to make money on LinkedIn right away, we will briefly explain what exactly LinkedIn is. LinkedIn is a free website where you can create a social network. It is specifically for professionals and LinkedIn defines itself as the largest professional network in the world. It has more than 450 million users from over 200 countries. For professionals, it’s the perfect place to build a network anywhere in the world.

LinkedIn is not like Facebook, where you share and like everything. It’s really for professional networking. On LinkedIn, you can, for example; keep in touch with the network you have already built. You can also ask for advice or find a new job. So it is simply an extension of your professional life.

How to make the most of LinkedIn?

To make money on LinkedIn, it is important that you complete your profile as fully as possible. You list the position you are currently in and the company you currently work for. You describe the work you do, the training you’ve done, and the previous jobs you’ve held. So it’s basically a resume of sorts.

You can add a brief summary of yourself and tell us who you are; and why you are interesting to have on LinkedIn. You can also add your qualities; the certificates you have earned; the courses you have taken, etc. You can show that you are progressive and have a lot to offer.

The advice is to tailor your LinkedIn profile to the people you want to reach with your profile.

Add the relevant stuff and leave out the less relevant stuff, just like on your resume. Of course, you can also follow your network on LinkedIn and connect with others through your network.

Because everyone is a professional on LinkedIn, there is a good chance that one of the people in your network could mean something to you in the future. LinkedIn is the perfect place to network, find your dream job or promote your business.

In addition to creating your own profile, you can do anything with LinkedIn. Consider:

  • Keep your network informed of your activities
  • Make recommendations for connections and vice versa
  • Become a member of a particular group
  • Create a company profile for your business
  • Ask questions and seek advice
  • Search for job vacancies etc…

So it’s a place with many possibilities, including the possibility of earning money on LinkedIn.

Before giving you the tips you need to earn money on this social network, I invite you to discover in this video, How To Make Money On LinkedIn in 2021 (For Beginners).


5 tips to make money on LinkedIn

Making money on LinkedInHere we come to the main point of our topic which is making money on LinkedIn. So, please follow me very carefully. Because, after showing you the standard methods, I will tell you about a particular method that I myself have used to build an empire of wealth on this social network. This method is reserved only for those who want to go far on this social network.

That being said, let’s start with the standard method to make money on LinkedIn!

Tip 1: Offer services

If you are a freelancer or have your own business, this is a good tip for you! Freelance writers, social media consultants, and other service providers can use LinkedIn to good effect; to connect with businesses that need them. To do this, it is important that you follow a number of steps. For it is these steps that will allow you to make money on LinkedIn easily.

First of all, it is important that you optimize your LinkedIn profile so that you are discovered by people who might hire you. You can do this by adding a main keyword to your profile title; summary and current and past positions. Consider, for example: consultant, freelance writer, etc.

This way, you increase the chances that someone will discover you via LinkedIn through search results. It is also always helpful to add your skills; this is how people can give you a recommendation and you have a chance to appear on a LinkedIn skills page.

Second, you can use the services section of the LinkedIn company page. You can make lists of the services you offer. You can also use features such as a banner image, which can direct people to your website.

Third, it’s a good idea to determine your ideal customer in advance and join groups that this customer can belong to. For example, you can join a real estate group if you want to promote a real estate marketing service; very simple!

By doing so, you greatly increase your chance of making money on LinkedIn.

Tip 2: Get a premium account to make money on LinkedIn

If you really want to get the most out of LinkedIn, a premium account might be for you. This is an attractive option and feature for sales and entrepreneurial professionals. You get many additional benefits that you don’t have with the free version of LinkedIn. In the free package, you can:

  • Create an extended profile
  • See who has visited your profile
  • Post news and other information on your timeline
  • Access job postings
  • Search for people and post their profiles

At first, this seems more than enough; but if you know what you can do with the premium, you probably think differently. For example, with the free version, you can only see the last 5 people who have viewed you. LinkedIn has also been cutting out more and more free stuff.

LinkedIn Premium can give you the extra boost you need.

There is not just one Premium package, but several. This way, you can choose the package that suits you best. What is especially useful when you want to start making money on LinkedIn is the “InMails” and “Open Profile” features.

With InMails, you can reach people who are not in your network (this is normally not possible) and with Open Profile; people who are not in your network can approach you properly.

You can search further with a Premium account and also save your searches. This will save you a lot of time and is very useful when you are looking for potential customers. So this is a great way to start making money on LinkedIn!

Tip #3: Get Hired to Make Money on LinkedIn

Tip 3: Get Hired to Make Money on LinkedInIf you don’t have your own business, you naturally want to get hired at a good, fun company. LinkedIn is designed for that as well, so you can earn money on LinkedIn.

If you’re looking for a certain type of job, it’s smart to adjust your LinkedIn accordingly. The goal is to impress potential employers. Try to be as real as possible in your summary and write amazingly, with passion, experience and results. Also use some elements such as examples, testimonials or other impressive things you can add.

If you have many recommendations for a particular skill; try to include them in your summary. Again, it’s helpful to try a premium account. Here, you have access to a premium filter with which you can search for jobs with a specific salary level.

Do you want to work for a specific company? Then follow them on LinkedIn (and other social networks) and comment on the things they post. That way, they see that you’re enthusiastic and genuinely interested in the company itself. See if they have any groups and join them.

Also keep an eye on the Careers tab on the company page and the Jobs section of their group. This way, you can see if any new job postings have been made.

Finally, join the recruiter network groups on LinkedIn and demonstrate your expertise and skills. These are the people who may be able to help you find a new job!

Tip #4: Tagging and hashtags

While LinkedIn isn’t the same as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you can tag someone and use hashtags just like on those social media platforms. This is always a good thing to do if you want more people to read your post. For example, they can check out your company page or your personal LinkedIn profile.

Of course, tagging someone for fun or posting a crazy hashtag on LinkedIn isn’t really the point. It has to be about something and the message you are posting. By using hashtags, you can direct people outside your network to your post and expand your network immediately.

You only tag people when that person is involved in the post. In principle, you can use hashtags for any post you make. These days, there are “LinkedIn Trending storylines”: here you can see which hashtags are often used for certain topics, and then you can copy them.

Once you add your industry, you’ll automatically see which hashtags are popular for the industry you work in. By using hashtags and identifying the right people, you can start making money on LinkedIn!

Tip 5: Be active to make money on LinkedIn

you want to reach more people on your LinkedIn, it’s important that you get active on LinkedIn. This doesn’t mean you have to create posts just to publish them. For example, you can regularly reply under someone’s post or find an interesting or insightful post. You stand out by being active on LinkedIn.

Your network can also see what you respond to and what you find interesting. It depends on what you are looking for and how busy you are. If you’re looking for a really hard job, you might post something once or twice a day, for example. However, if you are not in a hurry, you can also post something once a week.

When you are looking for your dream job, don’t just post about how much you want a new job. It’s smarter to post about new ideas; news about companies or ideas you have. This way you don’t sound desperate; just very excited. This helps to start making money on LinkedIn soon!

Unique method for those who want to go very far on LinkedIn

So far I have told you about the standard methods used by many people on LinkedIn. Let me tell you frankly, these methods are not wrong, nor are they outdated. Nevertheless, to go further on LinkedIn and get the most out of this network, these methods presented above are far from sufficient to get there.

Because, my 5 years spent with this network allowed me to understand the functioning of its algorithm. This experience allowed me to develop a revolutionary method by which I could build an empire of wealth on LinkedIn.

So what is this method?

I can explain this method from A to Z in this article, because it is not something difficult. However, I prefer to let you follow a presentation in which I have given much more clarity, supported by visual testimonials.

So if you are interested, just click on the following button to discover this new method.