How to Recover Deleted Instagram Photos

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Photos

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Instagram has just announced the release of a new feature named recently deleted, which allows you to retrieve photos or stories that have been deleted recently. A feature expected by many Internet users.

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How to recover deleted photos and stories?

With the addition of this new feature that acts as a recycle garbage can, Instagram offers to store different types of deleted content: photos, videos, Reels, IGTV and finally your stories (photos and videos). The application will keep your resources until 30 days after the date of deletion except for the stories format which will be accessible until 24 hours after.

To recover your deleted content, follow these steps

  • On your profile, go to the settings tab (accessible by clicking on the icon containing three horizontal bars, at the top right of the app)
  • Then click on account,
  • Click on the recently deleted tab, where you will find all your content.

Fight against account hacking

If the recently deleted function was expected by many users, Instagram also wants to act and protect its community from hackers who hack accounts and, at the same time, have fun deleting content from these accounts. Thus, before you can restore or permanently delete content from the recently deleted folder, Instagram will verify your identity to prove that you are the account holder.

To access this new feature currently being rolled out, also make sure your app is updated.


How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

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Here are 5 methods you can use to 100% anonymously view all the stories on Instagram you want! You can even download them if you feel like it!

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Anonymous Instagram Story: what you need to know

Social media, are known for countless innovations they have brought in our way of communicating and especially sharing information. Instagram has stood out from other social networks especially with its famous “stories”. In 2016, stories were integrated into Instagram. For those who did not know, “Instagram Stories” is a feature that allows you to share photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours and show the author of the stories who viewed them.

How do you watch someone’s Instagram stories without them knowing?

If you’re here it’s because you’re wondering how to anonymously view someone’s Instagram story?

Although the official Instagram app doesn’t show you other people’s Instagram stories without leaving a trace, there are workarounds that we will explore in this article and these workarounds will allow you to view instagram stories without being a friend, view instagram stories from a private account, use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox plugins, . … to see the story, to use some web services like Instagram Viewer, StoriesIg and others to see the stories that interest you like @andrientb for example if you are a fan. This action is referred to as “Stalk a person”!

Read on if you want to learn 4 interesting methods to anonymously see other people’s Instagram stories:

Method #1: use the Instagram Story Saver APK to view Instagram stories anonymously.

Get Instagram Story Saver if you use Android (sorry to all iOS users).

Log in and search for the stories you want to view. The main menu will display the default list of the latest stories from friends. Take your pick or use the search to find more while avoiding spelling mistakes. Found what you want to see? Cool. Now you have 2 options:

  1. Save (recommended): Allows you to save the story as a video to view later.
  2. Share: while this saves the video, also allows you to share with friends on applications, WhatsApp, for example.

Method No. 2: use the Google Chrome IG extension to view Instagram stories anonymously

If you are using a computer to use your Instagram account, you may want to consider downloading the Google Chrome browser if you haven’t already, as we will be using a Google Chrome extension (sorry Android and iOS fans).

If you already have Google Chrome installed on your computer, also get Alec Garcia’s Google Chrome IG Story extension, which is the outstanding extension we’re going to use to view Instagram stories 100% anonymously.

Once installed, you should see an eye icon in your Instagram stories, an eye that also allows you to anonymously view other users’ stories. In addition to hiding your name, it will not even be notified that someone has seen the content. It would be really sad if a bunch of anonymous people rushed to watch your stories!

While this is quite a plug-in, don’t be surprised if it suddenly disappears as plugins of this magnitude disappear as quickly as they appeared; Instagram has made some of them disappear before to the extent that while you may be very happy to view a story anonymously, Instagram would be less so anyway!

Method #3: Use an Instagram Story Viewer service to see someone’s stories without them knowing

Instagram story viewer are online services and tools (usually from websites) that you can use to view Instagrame stories without anyone knowing.

1. Storiesig

Go to then enter the “username” of your target and press enter (the target being the person who owns the story you want to see). If the user has stories, you will have the option to watch them or download them for free.

2. Insta Story

Go to then enter the username of the account containing the stories you want to anonymously view or download and press the search button. The stories should appear with the date and other information (tag, hashtag, location, text…) if available. Use the download button to save it.

3. Weinstag

Go to and add the username without @. Now you can see and download their stories. Enjoy!

Method 4: Use “Sneak Peak” to view an Instagram story without being seen

This technique is pretty unique and isolated; so you have to be very meticulous to pull it off and view other users’ stories without being seen.

First, start by finding the story you want to view and through that, just look for the story next to it and that will serve as your “snitch” to see the target story.

While you are looking at the next or previous story to your target story, gently slide to the left or right, but not all the way, and hold it there without releasing. At this point, you should be able to see the entire story, but without anyone being notified! As proof, press the back button and you will see that the story circle is intact; this means that you have not yet seen the content. A small detail but enough to bypass Instagram!

Method No. 5: Turn off the Internet to see Instagram stories anonymously (Airplane Mode).

This method is quite twisted and reflects the desperation of an individual willing to do anything to remain anonymous, we admit, but it works like a charm! MDR It’s also called seeing an Instagram story in Airplane Mode.

Let the Instagram stories load and go to their page. Now switch from Wi-Fi mode to Airplane mode and come back to their page a few seconds later to view the story. Your name will not be revealed.

While people may have different reasons for sneaking into Instagram stories, we strongly suggest that you don’t use the tips given with bad intentions, such as stealing other people’s content or republishing without permission. We hope you will be responsible enough by applying the above given tactics.


How to Recover live video on Instagram

How to Recover live video on Instagram

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In an effort to support Snapchat and other social networks, Instagram added live streaming video in November 2016. Letting users broadcast live videos to subscribers, which then disappears at the end. In this guide, we will explain how to record live videos on Instagram.

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Similar to Snapchat, these live videos can be broadcast to subscribers and then disappear once it has been viewed. Until now, it would broadcast live and then disappear forever. Recently, however, Instagram released an update allowing users to save all live videos.

Once a stream is over, the live video disappears, but at the end, the owner has the option to take a hit, or download it and save it to their device. Here are some additional details and instructions on how to save your live videos.

About three months after the new Snapchat-like feature was announced, Instagram is expanding it to make it even more useful for its users. A lot of live video is shown at sporting events, family gatherings and other special occasions. Which was fine, but some people wanted to keep those videos after they were over. Especially if something exciting or memorable happened.

With Facebook or Periscope, the videos could be viewed later, but never on Instagram. They are instantly gone forever, but not anymore. It’s now officially an option within the app. For those who haven’t noticed yet, here are the instructions for saving your Instagram live video feeds.

How to record live videos on Instagram

  • Start broadcasting a live video as usual
  • Share what you plan to show with followers
  • End the live video broadcast
  • Now press the new down arrow and the Save button on the top right
  • Save to your device, press done

Instagram has a user-friendly interface, and this is one more addition. Rather than ending a live video and continuing, users can then choose to save it to the device.

It should be noted that you will only be able to record the video. None of the likes or comments displayed on the screen during the broadcast. Of course, it will no longer be in the application, as they will disappear, but you will have a copy of the events forever if you wish.

How to Recover Instagram Password

How to Recover Instagram Password

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Logging into Instagram is done via a username or email address and a password. This login becomes impossible if you forget your Instagram password. To log back into your account, you must reset your secret code.

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There are indeed three techniques to reset it namely email, phone number and with Facebook account. However, it may happen that you lose access to your email address or no longer have the phone number associated with your account.

How do I reset my forgotten Instagram password?

To change your forgotten password, first open the app on your mobile or web browser.

At the bottom of the login interface, click on the “Forgot your password? “.

Then, you’ll have the option to enter your email address or phone number associated with your account and click the “Send Login Link” button.

If you chose your email, you will receive the reset link in your inbox.

Check your inbox and click on the link you received. However, if you did not find this email, check your spam folder.

You will then be prompted to enter a new password.

However, if you have chosen your phone number, you will be sent the reset link via SMS. So click on this link and create a new password.

In addition, to optimize the security of your account, please compose a password with characters, numbers and letters (upper and lower case).

Note: Your email address and phone number must be associated with your account as well as to reset your Snapchat password.

How do I change my Instagram password without an email and phone number?

You have the ability to link your Instagram account and your Facebook account.

By the way, to access your Instagram account, you don’t need to enter your login credentials if you’re logged in on Facebook. Just click on the “Continue as XXXX” button to log in.

Additionally, you can reset your Instagram password with Facebook.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. Then click on the “Forgot your password? ” link on the Instagram login page.
  3. Your username will appear, so click on the “Send login link” link.
  4. You will immediately receive the link to reset your secret code.
  5. So click on this link and insert a new password.

This will change your password.

However, if your account is not linked to Facebook and you have lost access to your email or the phone number associated with your account, you cannot retrieve your account.

How to Recover Instagram Account

How to Recover Instagram Account

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This morning when you wake up, you notice with horror that your Instagram account has been deactivated. Error of manipulation, hacking or non-compliance with the terms of use? Whatever the reason for this ban, nothing is lost. Below is the full procedure for reactivating an unjustly blocked Instagram account.

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Why was my Instagram account blocked?

To fight against online harassment and the dissemination of hateful content, Instagram has implemented various moderation tools. These are able to detect abuse, offensive content but also any publications that do not respect the rules of use.

Instagram does not skimp on the rules. Any violation is punished by an immediate deactivation of the account. However, the social network is not very talkative about the reasons that led to this banishment.

In general, as soon as an illegal activity is detected, the user sees a pop-up window appearing telling him that his account has been blocked without further details. In order to avoid making the same mistake twice, you will find here the list of the main reasons why Instagram blocks a user

  • Publication of posts related to an illegal activity
  • Hateful posts (racist, sexist, homophobic)
  • Sending spam to other users
  • Posting nude images
  • Selling Instagram accounts
  • Sending numerous DMs (direct messages)
  • Mass Follow or Unfollow operation: operation consisting of subscribing or unsubscribing a very large number of users in a very short period of time
  • Too many likes in the last 24 hours
  • Publication of copyrighted content

Some users buy followers hoping to boost their fame on Instagram in record time. Be aware that this practice is prohibited by the social network’s rules. You risk seeing your profile blocked. As a reminder, here is the procedure to delete your Instagram account.

Recovering a deactivated Instagram account

Now we will see how to reactivate an Instagram account. And the good news is that the operation is not too complicated to perform. By following these instructions you should be able to access all your photos again.

  • Launch the Instagram application
  • Enter your username and password
  • A message tells you that your account has been deactivated
  • In this pop-up window is a link to learn more
  • Click on it
  • Then follow the instructions on the screen

If you are having trouble logging into your account, click on the get help with logging in link. Then follow the steps on the screen. You will then receive a link directly in your mailbox to create a new password.

You can also do this directly from your computer’s web browser. To do this, you will just have to open the contact page of the Instagram site and then fill out this form.Ask the contact service of Instagram a reopening of your account

You should receive a response to your request after a few days. If you don’t get anything, feel free to repeat the process described above. Here is the procedure for contacting Instagram’s support department. Note that in case of recurrence, the chances of being able to recover your Instagram account are practically zero.

What should I do if my Instagram account has been hacked?

Security is a top priority for Instagram. Your account may have been disabled due to issues related to a hacking attempt. This ban is to prevent the hacker from posting content for you or making illegal use of your content.

  • Open your webmail
  • Connect to the email address you used when you signed up for Instagram
  • Look for the email from Instagram indicating that your account has been hacked or that someone has attempted to change your email address
  • Follow the instructions given in the message
  • Usually you just have to click on the link “Undo this change

Hacking cases are not rare. Most of the time, hackers change the password of your account so that you can no longer access your profile. When faced with such a situation, you’ll need to act fast.

  • Open the Instagram application
  • Click on the Get Help link to log in
  • Enter your username
  • Click on the link need more help
  • Then select the my account has been hacked section
  • You will be prompted to proceed with resetting your password

In some cases, Instagram will send you an email asking you to prove your identity. You will then be asked to send a photo of yourself along with the security code. With a little patience, you should normally get your Instagram account back.


How to Recover Deleted Instagram Messages

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Messages

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Millions of people today use an app called Instagram. This popular app is used all over the world to send messages. On Instagram, people can send oversized and private messages to each other from anywhere at any time.

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Using this application has become a way of life for many people, fun and entertainment for others. But unfortunately, it creates devastating problems such as the unruly child and the unfaithful spouse. Statistics prove that in many cases, this texting and sharing turns into late night conversations. And it doesn’t stop there; it further creates another paradox of problems such as cyber bullying, explicit content sharing, cyber stalking and infidelity.

Therefore, it has become imperative to keep a close eye on your children and loved ones. If you suspect that your partner or child is engaging in this application, do not destroy your relationship by spying on their phone or invading their privacy. The best decision you can make is how to read their Instagram direct messages and other online chat messages that can reassure you or provide enough evidence to confront your cheating partner.

Today, we’re going to show you the easiest way.

Recover deleted posts on Instagram – The right tool

People believe that once the posts are deleted, they cannot be recovered. But there is a hidden truth. And the truth is to have the right tool for this purpose. Yes, there is nothing impossible in this digital world. There is a way to receive messages and read them outside the phone. Keep reading to find the right tool for Android and iPhone.

– Recover Instagram messages on Android

– Recover Instagram messages on iPhone

Let’s start with the process of each option, one at a time…

How to recover deleted Instagram Direct messages on Android

Spymaster Pro is the safest way to recover deleted Instagram direct messages on Android. It is a smartly designed software that provides accurate information about the cell phone covertly. All you need is a simple installation process on the Android device you want to monitor on. The software works in hidden mode without leaving any clues. This means that once the software is installed on the target Android mobile, the monitored user will never know that he is being watched.

Step 1: The first thing to consider is whether the mobile you want to spy on is Android or iPhone. Check the compatibility of the software,

Step 2: The next step is to buy the prominent cell phone monitoring software.

Step 3: Download and install Spymaster Pro in the target Android phone.

Step 4: Log in to your personal Spymaster Pro account and read all sent or received text messages.

How to recover deleted Instagram Live messages on iPhone

If you want to recover deleted Instagram Live messages on iPhone, no installation or unlocking is required. Get the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone and send the details at the time of login. Regardless of the location of the target iPhone, you will get all mobile activities from anywhere, anytime, without even touching the target iPhone.

Wait, that’s not it!

Besides retrieving directly deleted messages on Instagram, there are various other useful data that the user can extract from the target cell phone.

It doesn’t matter which mobile you want to spy on. It could be a spouse or a child, but with Spymaster Pro software, you can spy on anything you want, and they will never know unless you tell them. All call logs, SMS, GPS location, web browsing history, Emails, Installed app, instant chat conversations such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, everything is easily accessible from anywhere at any time.

So, if you think infidelity has invaded your life and interferes with the relationship you have with your partner, this would be the perfect time to get Spymaster Pro.



How to Read unsent Instagram messages

How to Read unsent Instagram messages

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Have you recently noticed your boyfriend behaving in an unusual way? Do you think your boyfriend is hiding something from you? Do you think your boyfriend is texting another woman or even his ex-girlfriend?

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If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are your partner is interested in someone else. Don’t let this keep you from sleeping well at night. Here’s how you can access your boyfriend’s phone and read deleted Instagram messages.

Read your boyfriend’s deleted Instagram messages

Technology, especially smartphones, has created a new dimension of dishonesty among partners. As a result, there are an increasing number of cases of infidelity and betrayal. Many unfaithful partners think that once a message is deleted from a phone, it is gone forever. However, this is not completely true, as there is a foolproof method that can help you not only read the deleted Instagram messages from the target phone, but also save them for future evidences. With the help of Instagram spy software, you can read all of your boyfriend’s Instagram messages, even if he deletes them.

Reveal the truth with Instagram spy software

If you think your boyfriend is hiding something from you, then you’re probably right. But of course, you don’t want to act like a hysterical girlfriend, who wants to control everything only to find out in the end that you are wrong. So don’t blame your partner based solely on your suspicions. Get the help of the world’s most reliable smartphone monitoring software to find out exactly who he’s texting and conversing with, day and night.

Here’s how it works.

Spymaster Pro is a recognized name in the spy industry. It is specially designed to record the precise information of the target phone without any exception. It works in a hidden way so that the user under surveillance cannot know that he is under observation.

The software is fully compatible with Android and iPhone. All you need is a simple installation process in the target Android phone. However, there is no need to install any software in case your boyfriend uses an iPhone. On your personal Spymaster Pro account, you will receive the deleted Instagram messages from your boyfriend’s phone remotely, from anywhere and at any time.

Wait – that’s not it!

Here’s something extraordinary for you. Yes, Spymaster Pro is the best way to read your boyfriend’s deleted Instagram posts. Apart from the Instagram tracking features, it also provides you with the following additional features, which allow you to increase your spying areas. Here are some incredible tracking features of Spymaster Pro.

Social network conversations, call log history, web browsing history, GPS location, stored image files, installed apps: all these tracking features are enough to confirm your suspicion and remove the doubt in your head.

Safe to use

Spymaster Pro is the most reliable smartphone monitoring software on the market. It keeps your identity secret and offers exclusive tracking features with 100% security. It can meet your spying needs at a very affordable price and, at the same time, the information gathered from the target mobile will not be shared with anyone.


How to Reactivate Your Instagram Account

How to Reactivate Your Instagram Account

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If you have deactivated your Instagram account and would like to restore it, please note that according to Instagram’s deletion policy, you cannot recover your old account or username. However, you can reactivate an account that has been temporarily disabled at any time.

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Reactivate an Instagram account

  • Open the Instagram application. To get your account temporarily deactivated, you just need to log in to your account.
  • Enter your username and password. With this information, it should be enough to recover your Instagram account. You have activated your account again!

If after trying to log in, you haven’t been able to get your account back, you’re going to need to change your password.

Recover the Instagram password

If the previous way of reactivating an Instagram account wasn’t successful, you can try this second option: reset the password.

After a temporary suspension, you may have forgotten your password. We’ll explain how to change it.

  • It sounds easy, however this procedure can be much more complicated. Instagram is very demanding when it comes to reactivating old accounts.
  • If you choose to deactivate your account, know that Instagram will only do it for a week.

FYI, if you just want to change the Instagram account password, click on the three dashes in the top right of the screen. then “change password” in the left menu. Then on account.

Click on the link under the “forgot?” login form.
Enter the email associated with your Instagram account. If the email is correct, you will receive an email with the steps to recover your password.

Instagram Terms of Use

One of the reasons why you can’t reactivate your account may be that you haven’t followed Instagram’s terms of use.

Check the terms of use to see if your account has been suspended. Depending on the degree of the infraction, you may or may not be able to get your account back.


It goes without saying that if you do not respect the rules of Instagram or any platform, you can be excluded. We summarize for you the few rules to follow when posting photos or videos:

  • Publish photos and videos that belong to you. That is, content that you can claim ownership of.
  • Any photos or videos must be all public. Don’t post nude, sexual or violent content. Avoid posting content that encourages self-harm.
  • Be respectful of other users.
  • Don’t spam: repetitive comments or hijack the social network for commercial purposes (promotional codes, or web pages).


If the terms of use are not respected, Instagram can deactivate your account without warning you.

  • Be 13 years old or older.
  • Not sell or transfer your account to someone else
  • Do not ask for another user’s credentials
  • Do not post violent, discriminatory or sexual content
  • Do not send spam to other users
  • Do not create robot or unauthorized accounts
  • Do not restrict another user’s use
  • Do not transmit viruses or trojans
  • Do not attempt to enter the application with a private API
  • Do not use Instagram for illegal purposes
  • You are responsible for all actions on your account
  • NEVER share your password with anyone. Nor to content schedulers.

Some applications allow you to schedule your content and often they ask you for your password: not a very secure procedure. If you want to know how to schedule an Instagram post automatically, read our article to know the pros and cons.


Instagram gives you the possibility to save all the shared files in your mobile. You just have to activate the option. This is a way to save all the photos and videos on your phone.


After following all these steps, you still can’t reactivate your Instagram account: contact Instagram directly. To contact them, there are different ways:

  • Use Instagram’s help pages and their Help Center: you’ll be able to find pages for troubleshooting and help with logging in, account management or privacy and security conditions.
  • If you are in your profile you can click, in the menu, on “Help”. And if you can’t log in, click on “Forgot your password?” so that Instagram will send you an email with instructions to recover your password.
  • Go to the “Security and Privacy” tab to send your request.
  • Go into the instagram Facebook page. This is the most efficient because they don’t have a support email.

To make sure they respond to you, follow these tips when writing your post:

You’ll get a better response if your message is clear and objective. Don’t write in anger or frustration.
Be thorough. Don’t just say you can’t get online. Explain your concern and, more importantly, everything you’ve already done to fix it.
Include screenshots to illustrate your problem. A picture is easier to understand than text.
Don’t forget to give your username. Be careful, DO NOT give your password.
Don’t wait for a response.

How to Read Instagram Message without the Sender Knowing

How to Read Instagram Message without the Sender Knowing

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Many users of the network Instagram They are looking for how to read someone’s messages without their knowledge, that is, without showing them a message that has been read.Seen “By chatting. Most of these people do not want to respond normally, but they want to know the content of that message.If the sender knew that the message was read and did not receive a response, it could upset him.This is the importance of reading Instagram messages without their knowledge.

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Unfortunately, there is no official option that allows you to do this, but we can say that there are two secrets on which you can rely on one of them to be able to read messages without knowing the sender on Instagram, that is, when he enters the chat, He will not see a message Seen “Seen” even if you read it. Apart from that, you can worry about our guide How to send private Instagram messages on computer.

How to read someone’s Instagram messages without them knowing

The first way is via Restrict that person on InstagramCheck out our guide on this. With this restriction, you do not show this interaction with your posts, but it remains visible to him only, and when he sends you private messages, they appear in the request box, and even if you read them, he will never know.

It should be noted that you can also read the messages you receive where the notifications appear. This is one of the common methods on which a lot depends, but in some cases the content of the message may not appear completely in the notification.

The second method we will rely on in this explanation is to read Instagram messages offline. How? This is what we will learn in the next steps.

  1. Open the Instagram app, then go to the private messages section.
  2. Turn on airplane mode on your phone to disconnect the Internet from it.
  3. Now read the messages to be read without the owner’s knowledge. You can also read multiple messages.
  4. After reading the message, go to your profile, then click on the three bar option at the top, then click on Settings “Setting”, Then scroll down and log out of the account. (Make sure you are still not connected to the internet).
  5. Now turn off airplane mode and reconnect to the internet, then Sign in to your Instagram account.
  6. Go back to the private messages section and you will see that this message is not yet open.

The method is effective without a doubt, so you can be sure that by following these steps, he will never know that you have read the message. If you are afraid of this, tell your friend to text you and then apply these steps. Also, you may want to read more about How to hide someone’s posts and stories on Instagram.

How to Log into Someone Else Instagram Without Them Knowing

How to Log into Someone Else Instagram Without Them Knowing

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Are you dying to look at your ex’s stories but stopping yourself from doing so for fear that they’ll see that you’ve seen? Good news, there’s a trick to checking out Instagram stories incognito.

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Those who have already used and abused crazy tricks like creating a fake account or logging into the account of their best friend to check the stories of an ex/rival/jealous chick will jump for joy. There is a very simple technique to look at someone’s stories without leaving any trace. Even though we suspect you already know about it, on Instagram, you can see who’s watching your stories!

The magic trick to see without being seen is a site called Stories IG. Specifically, once on the platform, you just have to type the name of a user, which must be public, to see his ephemeral stories and his stories on the front page. The best part? You can even download them to send to your BFF. We know you do it too!