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Ho to Delete Messages on Instagram

Ho to Delete Messages on Instagram

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In addition to sharing your photos and media online, Instagram also allows you to send photos as direct messages to up to 15 people. Instagram displays whether your recipient has received and viewed these messages. What sets this feature apart from other similar services is the ability to delete your message, which also removes it from the recipient’s device. You can only do this with Instagram messages you have sent, not those you have received.

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Step 1

Open the Instagram application on your device, then log in to your account.

Step 2

Press the Direct Messages button, represented by a mailbox icon at the top of the screen, to display the list of messages you have sent or received.

Step 3

Tap the message you wish to delete, then press the ” … ” button. On Android devices, the ellipse is displayed at the top of the screen, while on iOS it is displayed next to the comment field.

Step 4

Select “Delete” from the list of options and press “Delete” again to confirm that you wish to delete the message.

Messages you have received on Instagram cannot be deleted, only hidden.

How to find a person's Instagram with only a picture of them

How to find a person’s Instagram with only a picture of them

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Instagram has become the most popular social network of the moment. In recent years, it has experienced tremendous growth, allowing millions of people to have an account on it. You can have an account in the same way that at any given time, you may be looking for someone you know or a brand that has a profile.

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When looking for someone on Instagram we have to consider several aspects. As it does not work in the same way as other social networks. So it is good to know what we should do or what we should consider doing in the popular social network.

Research on Instagram

Unlike other social networks, on Instagram it is common for a person to open a profile without using their real name. Instead, an alias is used, especially in the so-called username. There are two details we need to know about the application, both when creating the profile and when searching for a person.

On Instagram, we can search for a person using their username, which is the name of the profile, to say the least. If you enter the browser in the social network, that is the name that appears in the URL. But this username does not always match the person’s real name. As a result, when searching, we may not always find the desired result in the query. If we know the username, the search will not be complex and will not take much time. But if we only know his real name and he doesn’t use this name in the social network, it is something more complex.

A username always gives us a result that will have a certain profile on Instagram, so that we know if it’s that person or not. A real name is a little more complicated, because there can be a lot more people with that name, unless you have a very original first name or last name, which clearly narrows it down.

How to search for people

This is something we can do in all versions of Instagram whether we use the computer version or the smartphone version. When we enter our account, we can see that at the top we find a search box, with a magnifying glass icon. This is where we are going to enter the name we want to search on the social network. So we click on it and start typing.

We can put the name or username according to the data we have about that person on Instagram. As we write, we can see that a list appears below, which usually gets smaller as we enter more letters of the name. Next to each profile we have a small photo. So we may be able to recognize that person in that photo, so we’ve already found him or her. However, if the profile does not have a photo, we may not know if this is the person we are looking for.

The social network allows us to enter this profile at any time. The problem is that if we look at the profile, because we want to know whether or not it’s that person, but then it wasn’t, when we come back, we have to start searching again. That’s one of the great disadvantages of the social network in this regard. For example, if that person doesn’t have a profile picture and a very common name, it may take a while before we finish searching for that profile.

Search for an Instagram account on Google

If it is the Instagram account of a known individual, company or brand, we may also use Google. Simply enter the name of that brand in the browser and add Instagram at the end to get the URL that leads to that profile on the social network. From there, we can log into the account in the browser and go directly to that account.

Google search can also be tried with a person. Although this system is usually not the most effective in these cases. But if you’re looking for an account with a lot of followers, such as profiles of celebrities or influencers, or those of brands, it can work very well and is really simple. Especially if we usually use the Instagram browser version. Since we can track these accounts directly on the computer.

Name on Facebook

This is a detail we can take into account, as many users have their Facebook accounts linked to Instagram accounts. So we can search for them using their Facebook name, or the username they have on Facebook. It will usually be the same in both cases, so we can find that person in seconds and find the person we want.


How to Find Email On Instagram Account

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When creating an account on a social network, it is sometimes tempting to give an email address that you no longer use in order to avoid possible unwanted messages. However, it makes more sense, if only for security reasons, to have easy access to this address. Fortunately, Instagram allows you to change your e-mail address at any time.

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If you have entered a false e-mail address or the address of a mailbox that you no longer use, it is strongly recommended that you change it. In addition, changing the e-mail address in your Instagram account is very simple and only takes a few seconds. In a more general way, to know exactly how to manage your Instagram account, do not hesitate to consult our various tutorials available on this subject.

Change the e-mail address of your Instagram account

  1. First, open the Instagram application on your smartphone or tablet and go to your personal page. To do this, touch your account icon: the small circle at the bottom right of your screen that contains your profile picture.
  2. Once you’re on your Insta page, select “Edit Profile”. You’ll find it between your personal information (number of publications, subscribers and subscriptions) and the photos you’ve posted on the social network.
  3. Now scroll down to the very bottom of the page that just appeared and press “Personal Information Settings” which is highlighted in blue.
  4. From the various personal information on this page, select your e-mail address (first).
  5. It is thus via this new window that you will be offered to change your e-mail address. Touch the line on which your current address appears (you can’t make a mistake, there is only one!), delete it and then enter the e-mail address you have chosen for your Instagram account.
  6. Once this is done, press the blue check mark in the top right corner of the screen. This will validate your action.

A small window will then appear on the screen, warning you that a mail with a link has just been sent to this new address. You will then have to go to your mailbox and follow the link in question to validate the change of e-mail address. Please note that for this to work, you will need to check your mailbox from the same device with which you made this change of address request.

We recommend that you quickly change your Instagram account e-mail address if the e-mail address you entered has been hacked or appears to have a security flaw. Your account may contain valuable, even sensitive, information that needs to be protected.

Sharing your personal information may occur for a number of reasons: you may want to contact a colleague after work or you may have been involved in a car accident and need to stay in contact with the other driver. Unfortunately, giving out information can be the key to others finding your social media accounts, such as Instagram, whether you want to or not.

Anyone with your phone number registered in their contacts or who has added you to Facebook can find your Instagram account, especially if they intend to hunt you down. All they have to do is go to their Instagram account and go to their Find Friends page. There they will find all the accounts associated with the phone numbers stored in their contacts, which could mean your account. If you want to keep your profile private, here are some tips to follow.

How to Delete Instagram Chat from Both Sides

How to Delete Instagram Chat from Both Sides

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The internal messaging of the social network allows its users to cancel sending a message in a conversation.

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If you frequently use Instagram’s built-in direct messaging, you may have pressed the send button a little too quickly when your message was full of errors. Don’t panic, it is possible to retrieve a message that has already been sent, before your correspondent reads it.

Open Instagram on your smartphone and go to the dedicated mailbox. Enter the conversation in which you want to delete an erroneous message and make a long press on the message to be deleted. In the tooltip that appears, press Remove.

Confirm the deletion of the message by pressing Remove in the pop-up window that appears. The message will then be deleted on your side, but also on the recipient’s side. Repeat the operation for all the messages you wish to delete in your conversations.


How to Delete Instagram Account

How to Delete Instagram Account

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Tired of Instagram? Depending on your needs, you can temporarily deactivate or permanently delete your account. But beware, the operation can only be done with a web browser, and not from the mobile application!

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Whether you are an early adopter of Instagram who has lost interest in it, or you recently opened your account only to realize after a few days of use that this social network was not for you, you most likely have the same question: how do you quit Instagram?

If you wish to stop using Instagram, there are two options:

temporarily deactivate your account: your account will no longer be accessible, but you can change your mind at any time and reactivate it ;
permanently delete your account: all your data will be irretrievably destroyed and no reversal will be possible.
If you have browsed through the menus and options of the mobile application to find a way to delete or deactivate your Instagram account, don’t look any further: until now it has been impossible to do so from the mobile application! Indeed, Facebook – owner of Instagram – has obviously decided not to make it easy for anyone who wants to leave this very lucrative network.

Don’t worry, closing your Instagram account is still possible! But you will need to go to the Instagram site with a web browser.

How do I delete my Instagram account?

To launch the procedure of deletion or deactivation of an account, you must go through the Instagram website with a browser. You can use a computer but also a phone or a tablet.

  1. Using your web browser, open the Instagram account deletion page.
  2. If you are not automatically logged into your Instagram account, enter your login information and click the Login button to access the Delete Account page.
  3. Once on the Delete page, indicate the reason for deleting your account by selecting a response from the drop-down menu.
  4. Depending on the reason, a text will be displayed with a proposal to fix a possible problem – yes, Instagram does not let its users leave so easily. Ignore this insistent suggestion if you really want to delete your account.
  5. Enter your password in the field provided and click on the red button Delete my account permanently.
  6. A message will then confirm that the account has been deleted.
How to Add Post to your story on Instagram

How to Add Post / Share Post to your story on Instagram

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Through a blog post, Instagram announced the addition of a feature that makes it easier to share posts from the Instagram News Feed in stories. A relevant option that avoids making captures of posts and then sharing them again.

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To do so, just click on the airplane icon, below the post, as if you wanted to send it to a friend via a message. On the first line, it will be displayed “Create a story with this post”. By clicking on it, you will be able to add a sticker, rotate or move it. The shared post will be displayed with a customizable background.

Posts that you share in your stories will display the username of the person who made the post. So when you come across a post in a story, you can click on the person’s name to view their profile. It is only possible to share public account posts. If you don’t want your friends or other users to share your posts, you can disable the setting.

This new feature is now available on Android and will arrive on iOS in “the next few days”. Over the past few weeks, Instagram has been developing many features for stories such as adding music, emojis-based polls and integrations with Spotify and GoPro. Instagram continues to make inroads into storytelling for a variety of reasons. The first is Facebook’s global strategy to make stories the primary sharing channel. Then, with its new design, Snapchat has disappointed many users, which is why the yellow ghost application went back on its design, a godsend for Instagram.

How to Watch live video on Instagram anonymously

How to Watch live video on Instagram anonymously

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Your friends use Instagram. to do live streaming and, in that sense, you would be very curious to see their broadcasts. On the other hand, however, you don’t want them to know that you are also subscribed to the popular photographic social network and so you wonder if there is a way to make the attempt anyway, while remaining anonymous.

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Don’t worry: if you’re wondering how to look live on Instagram without being seen Know that I’m here to help you achieve your goal. In fact, I have a few solutions in mind, involving the use of Instagram and third-party tools, that might work for you – I’ll talk about them in detail in later chapters of this guide.

That being said, if you’re eager to get started, sit back and take a few minutes of free time. Please read the following lines of this guide carefully to follow the instructions I am about to give you and to succeed in your proposed intention. Happy reading!

Before I explain how to watch live on Instagram without being seen, I need to give you some preliminary information on this subject. In fact, you should know that Instagram. does not allow users to view live programs without logging into their Instagram account.

That said, you can still achieve the intent you proposed in an alternative way, using another Instagram account, so that anonymity is maintained. Another possible solution is the use of certain web services, such as the ones I will talk about in the next chapters, through which it is possible to see the stories added to the private browsing section. Stories in evidence.

This last solution is therefore useful to be able to watch live broadcasts without being seen, in case the live video has been saved by the user and published in this specific section of the photographic social network. For more details, read on.

Watch Instagram live without being seen

As expected, the first useful solution to view Instagram directly without being seen is the one related to the use of a secondary Instagram account you have. That being said, if you have already registered with Instagram. for the second time, all you have to do is change your account.

If, on the contrary, you need to create a new Instagram account, first launch the Instagram. you have downloaded, by clicking on its icon that you find on the home screen and/or in the drawer of your device. Then press the little man icon in the bottom right corner (or on the thumbnail of your profile) and pressIcon ☰ in the top right corner.

Now, in the menu that appears, touch the Settings item and then press Add Account. Once this is done, press the Create New Account button, to register and automatically add a new account to the application.

Once this is done, press your first name located in the top bar of the application and press username that refers to your sub-account to switch to it.

At this point, to see the live user you are interested in, simply search for their Instagram profile via the application’s search engine (the magnifying glass icon).


How to Identify a fake Instagram account

How to Identify a fake Instagram account

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The Instagram craze allows brands to gain visibility through influencers who can showcase them. However, this opportunity also leads to a plague that distorts influencer marketing: the purchase of likes and followers by some Instagram accounts. Some celebrities have reportedly used this as well. In addition, brands are beginning to be wary of these fake accounts to whom they no longer want to spend their influencer marketing budget.

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The race for followers can lead some influencers to cheat, attracted by the lure of financial gain and the desire to work with brands. Unfortunately, this totally breaks the very essence of influence: trust.

But how do you identify these fake accounts?

We will review several methods to identify these fake accounts and influencers, and then compare them.

The ratio of the number of followers / likes

This criterion is the easiest to see. Indeed, these are accounts that have a large number of followers, but in return very few or almost no likes on their posts. However, we must be careful because this criterion does not necessarily define a fake account. Indeed, the rate of engagement of an account is variable according to each person, and tends to be inversely proportional to the size of the community (see our study on engagement).

Similarly, when an influencer’s Instagram account has more subscriptions than followers, it is most likely a bot account or an account that practices follow-unfollow. In the latter case, the subscribers are real but the power of influence is less, or not very qualitative.

Moreover, some people quickly understood that they were too visible to act this way. So they buy both their followers and their likes! This criterion is not so obvious anymore.

Statistics monitoring

Monitoring the evolution of statistics allows to detect abnormal fluctuations of followers. But this method is not very reliable because some events can break the natural evolution curve of an account. For example, the organization of a contest (giveaway), seeing your account being relayed and shared by another (big) influencer, getting publicity following a buzz, being bought followers by a hater who wants to sabotage the statistics of an account to discredit it,…

The detection tools

Hypeauditor allows you to evaluate an account and screen it to detect the proportion of fake followers and therefore the purchase of subscribers. This service is paid but reliable because it scans internal data to an Instagram account. This information seems accurate and gives indications like the quality of the community, the engagement rate, the like-comment ratio, the interests of the audience etc.
Hypeauditor generates a report that lists a “state of play” of an account and gives a final score.

The tool is much talked about because it is very much relayed by influencers on social networks. Because of this, the cost has become very expensive, even prohibitive!


How to Add Clickable Links On Instagram Posts

How to Add Clickable Links On Instagram Posts

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How to publish a link on an Instagram post? What are the alternatives for sharing a link on Instagram? How to turn subscribers into web traffic?

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Why share a link on Instagram?

Your Instagram subscribers are people who follow you and like what you offer, so why not let them discover more about you, what you like and your other social networks. This includes sharing content and link URLs that will allow your community to browse through your other external content and generate traffic to your most relevant, newest or most popular content depending on your choice.

How do I put a clickable link on an Instagram publication?

Currently Instagram does not allow you to insert links directly into your Instagram posts, but various alternatives are possible to make your content outside Instagram discoverable and redirect your subscribers to your YouTube channel, your site or simply a link you wish to share with them. In this article we present you the 5 alternatives to know how to put a link on an Instagram publication.

The 5 alternatives for sharing a link on Instagram

Discover the best ways to turn your Instagram community into web traffic without linking to an Instagram publication.

1- Use the link of your Instagram bio

Instagram normally allows only one link to be posted on the platform, the link to your Instagram bio that can be found on your profile. Use it to post a link that you care about and want to share with your community. You will also be able to remind your community or find it through post descriptions, stories or comments. If you can’t put a link on an Instagram post, this is a great alternative.

2- Post several links in organic Instagram

You can also use the same link to share multiple links, such as one to each of your other social networks, a Spotify playlist or your company website. You can do this using the tool, which allows you to drive traffic to your most relevant, newest or most popular content, whichever you choose.

Customize your page now and share as much content as you want in a single link without linking to an Instagram publication.

3- Post a URL in the description of your post

If you want, you can also post a URL directly in the description of your Instagram post so that people who view your post can access it directly. This is a way to put a link on an Instagram post, but however your link will only be accessible to users who view your post from a web browser, in other words few if any people.

If however you still decide to go for this option we recommend you to have a link as short as possible. For this you can use a link shortener. dedicated page]

4- Use a swipe-up function

The swipe-up function is also a very powerful tool to share a link to your Instagram community without putting this link on an Instagram post. However, this option is only accessible to a small handful of privileged people, in fact you need to have at least 10,000 followers to be able to access this option. To learn more about this option feel free to visit our dedicated article on how to put a link on an Insta story.

5- Use an Instagram promotion

Another way that allows you to put a link on an Instagram post is to use Instagram’s promotion service. By promoting one of your posts in a paid way, Instagram offers you the possibility to place a “learn more” button right under your post to redirect your followers to the external content you want.


Now you know how to put a link on an Instagram post, or at least you know the existing alternatives to be able to turn your followers into web traffic on other platforms. If you want to learn more about Instagram and especially link sharing do not hesitate to visit our other dedicated articles.

How to acquire an inactive Instagram username

How to acquire an inactive Instagram username

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If you create an Instagram account and have thought of the perfect username that reflects your individuality or mission, you may find that the username is taken by an inactive account. For companies and influencers trying to launch an Instagram presence, having the right username is valuable.

Want to know how to market effectively on Instagram? It is possible to gain more followers and more engagement with your Instagram, and this book shows you how.

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If you follow your statistics, be sure to read our article explaining what makes a reasonable engagement rate on Instagram.

An inactive account is an account that has been abandoned or has not been used for a long time. If the account has the username you desperately need, there is no direct way to get it. But there are several things you can do.

Buy an Instagram username

There are many secondary markets where holders of good usernames can sell them for amounts ranging from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands.

For the most part, the people who make money selling names are the ones who staked out their accounts at the beginning and had the foresight to choose names that other users would eventually want.

Sometimes a name becomes valuable because a movie, show or album comes out, and suddenly “BigBangTheory” goes from being a big account for a physics student to a highly sought-after property. If the account becomes “inactive”, you may be able to get the username.

Find their contact information

Just because the account is inactive does not mean that the account owner is not there. They may be perfectly happy to sell you their old account. However, getting in touch with them can be the trickiest part.

Of course, you can send a message directly to the Instagram platform itself. However, if the person is not active on Instagram, chances are they won’t see your DM for a while if they don’t see it at all.

You can view the account biography to try to get information about the account. There are a few things to look for here.

Some people have actually put a contact email address in their biography or even the URL of their personal website. If this is the case, your search is probably already successful.

Other people are more privacy conscious and don’t put that kind of direct contact information there. However, they may include links or references to their other social media accounts, such as their Facebook page or LinkedIn biography. If you have that person’s name; you can always search other social networking sites and send them a message.

If you don’t know how much to offer, you can search for similar accounts on Instagram account marketplace sites such as InstaSale and find out which comparable accounts are listed.

Can you get an inactive Instagram username?

Instagram will eventually purge inactive users. This provides another way to obtain your username.

Will Instagram delete inactive accounts?

Yes, they will delete inactive accounts, although the time required to do so will vary depending on the needs of the website.

For example, purges usually occur randomly, or at least appear to be random. These purges often take place at the end of the year.

Wait for an Instagram purge

If the account you want is truly inactive and contains little or no content, chances are it will eventually be deleted from the Instagram database. This is not a guarantee, but it is possible that the desired inactive account will be deleted and the username will become available again.

Instagram does not announce the schedule of its purges, so you won’t have to warn you to start trying to retrieve usernames from your list. The best way to detect a purge is to track one of the ever-popular Instagram accounts that has a relatively stable subscriber list and check the number of subscribers on a daily basis.

If they have thousands of followers, then at least some of those followers are undoubtedly spam accounts or bots, and a purge will cut off their list of followers by a non-trivial amount of users. If your monitored account goes from 9,341 subscribers to 9,102 subscribers overnight (and there is no apparent scandalous publication causing the loss), chances are good that Instagram has purged, and some usernames are now up for grabs.

Trademark or copyright the name

You can follow the process of obtaining a patent online. Once you have obtained your certificate, you can report the inactive account to Instagram. While this may take time and incur additional expense, it is an option for you.

Many users have reported their success by requesting Instagram to transfer an account. When you have a mark on a name, you may claim that the existing account is confusing to your clients. Copyright infringement can be an effective way to obtain your Instagram username.

If you own such a trademark or copyright, you can file a copyright/trademark infringement report and try to claim the name as your own.

If the account is active and frequently used, you may have difficulty succeeding with this method.

Obtaining a new trademark is a complicated and expensive process, but obtaining a copyright is relatively simple. Every time you create something original, you have an implied copyright; you can file an official copyright registration to cement your legal claim, but the claim is created by the act of creating the work, not by the act of filing the claim.

Choose a similar name

Although it may seem obvious, choosing a similar username is the easiest way to set up your Instagram account. Adding an underscore or a number is simple and effective.

Instagram usernames can be up to 30 characters long and can contain letters, numbers, periods, and underscores. This gives you some flexibility to create a name that is close to your dream name. You may have to use a little imagination, but the rest should be fairly simple.

If you run a business, add a city or location to your name. You can do the same for last names or other names as well. This can help maintain your brand and add a quick local identifier that can work in your favor. You can also add the type of business to the name.

Workarounds for major brands

If you are a large company or a more established brand, adding “official” or “real” at the end of your Instagram account name may also work. Artists with common names often do it, so do you.

However, you need to be careful about emulating established brands. If you create an account for Microsoft Software, it is a legal account name – but if you achieve a level of success and visibility where Microsoft sees your account, they will quickly close you down using the same branding and copyright tools I just described. You can’t encroach on the protected intellectual property of others as much as they can encroach on your own.

If you are unable to obtain a username but there is no account with that username, remember that some accounts are defined as private. If this is the case, the username will not be available and you will not be able to search for the account.