Ho to Delete Messages on Instagram

Ho to Delete Messages on Instagram

Ho to Delete Messages on Instagram

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In addition to sharing your photos and media online, Instagram also allows you to send photos as direct messages to up to 15 people. Instagram displays whether your recipient has received and viewed these messages. What sets this feature apart from other similar services is the ability to delete your message, which also removes it from the recipient’s device. You can only do this with Instagram messages you have sent, not those you have received.

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Step 1

Open the Instagram application on your device, then log in to your account.

Step 2

Press the Direct Messages button, represented by a mailbox icon at the top of the screen, to display the list of messages you have sent or received.

Step 3

Tap the message you wish to delete, then press the ” … ” button. On Android devices, the ellipse is displayed at the top of the screen, while on iOS it is displayed next to the comment field.

Step 4

Select “Delete” from the list of options and press “Delete” again to confirm that you wish to delete the message.

Messages you have received on Instagram cannot be deleted, only hidden.