How to Change Phone Number on Instagram

How to Change Phone Number on Instagram

How to Change Phone Number on Instagram

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Linking your phone number to your Instagram account is a real plus for securing your connection, but you still need to get the number you entered right! Whether you initially gave a wrong number or just changed it, or if you previously made a typo, follow this tutorial to learn how to change the phone number linked to your Instagram account.

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Link your phone number to your Instagram account

  1. After opening Instagram on your device, head to your personal page by tapping the icon with your profile picture, which is located at the bottom right of your screen.
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  2. At the top right of the screen, you can see three horizontal lines. Touch this symbol to open the menu.
  3. A pane opens on the right. Scroll down to the bottom of this panel to choose “Settings”.
  4. Once in the settings, select the line where it says “Account”.
  5. Continue your way by pressing “Personal Information”.
  6. Under “Phone number” is displayed the mobile number that you had previously filled in. Touch this box to continue.
  7. Enter the phone number you want to link to your Instagram account and then press “Next”.
  8. A text message with a six-digit security code will be sent to the number you specify. Enter this combination and then press the blue “Next” button again.
  9. Your phone number is changed!

Note: If you had two-factor login enabled, disable it before changing your phone number and then re-enable it afterwards if you wish to keep this method of identification.

For your security, always make sure you update your contact information such as your phone number and email address. Otherwise, if your Instagram account is hacked, it can be much more difficult to regain access to your account and therefore all your data…