How to Find who reported you on Instagram

How to Find who reported you on Instagram

How to Find who reported you on Instagram

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Are you having problems with an Instagram user who continually sends you spam messages? Have you come across an Instagram user’s profile that is posting content that does not comply with the social network’s community guidelines? If so, the fastest way is to report the profile to the Instagram team. Like? I’ll explain it shortly.

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In fact, in today’s guide, I will show you how to report an Instagram profile, so that the equipo de soporte pueda tomar medidas en la cuenta informada si es necesario. Por lo tanto, le mostraré cómo proceder tanto desde un dispositivo móvil con un OS Android o iOS comme à travers le navigateur desde una Pc. Además, te asesoraré sobre cómo enviar un informe a Instagram en caso de que tu cuenta haya sido hackeada y ya no tengas la posibilidad de acceder a ella.

Are you looking forward to reading the tips I have prepared for you? Then what are you waiting for? You only need a few minutes of your free time to check out the tips you will find in this guide. Are you ready to get started? Good: sit back and let’s not waste any more precious time. All that’s left is for me to wish you a good read and good luck with everything!

Report an Instagram profile

Reporting an Instagram user’s profile is a very time consuming process. But what you need to do before you act is to evaluate why you want to report a profile. If you don’t want to see content posted by a user you follow, Instagram will simply advise you to stop following them, so you won’t see what you post anymore. In this case, I recommend reading my guide on how to stop following someone on Instagram.

If, on the other hand, you want to report a user so they can’t leave comments on your profile, interact with you and see all your content, Instagram will advise you to block them. With that in mind, you can check out my guide on how to block on Instagram.

That said, if your goal is to report a user for other reasons, for example because they post inappropriate or annoying content, for spam or because they violate your intellectual property, the procedure you need to follow is different: in the following paragraphs I will explain everything in detail.

Smartphones and tablets

To report an Instagram user using a cell phone or tablet, the operation to follow is as follows: first, access the profile of the user you want to report in the Instagram application and tap the three-dot icon in the upper right corner.

Once done, in the box that appears, tap on This is spam to report the account as spam, otherwise tap on the Not appropriate item. Tap the last write-up to display options from which you will have to choose I think this account does not meet the Instagram community guidelines., allowing you to submit a report. The other options, I don’t want to see this account’s photos or videos in my feed es I don’t want this account to see my photos or videos or find me, are for no longer following or blocking a user, as I mentioned in the previous tutorial chapter.

Now that you have selected the option to submit a report, press Report Account and choose the reason you want to report the user: you can choose the Spam Message option, to send a spam report, or the Publish Inappropriate Content optionFor example, to report harassment or violence, to name a few.

Options Publish annoying content es Probably publish my intellectual property without permission Instead, they redirect to support pages that suggest what to do in these specific cases. By selecting the Este perfil pretende ser autre person option instead, it is possible to report a fake profile (but I’ll tell you more about that in a later chapter of the guide).

When you report a user’s account, they are automatically blocked so they can no longer locate you on Instagram and see the content you post.


The procedure for reporting an Instagram profile from the web is similar to the one shown for smartphones and tablets, but with a few small differences. First of all, go to the profile of the user you want to report, click on the three-dot icon found next to your username and select the item Report this user from the panel you see.

On the screen that appears, you must choose the option for the reason you wish to report the user. The options to select are the ones you see on the screen, but you can select more by pressing the other key. By doing so, you will see more reporting options, from which you will have to identify the most appropriate one.

If you do not find any of the reasons listed in the box, you can simply unsubscribe or block the user. In this sense, you can see what I have already illustrated in the previous chapter of the tutorial.

Reporting a fake profile on Instagram

If you have found a profile on Instagram pretending to be you or someone you know, you can submit a report to Instagram using the appropriate tool. In the next few paragraphs, I will guide you how to report a fake profile.

Smartphones and tablets

First of all, start the official Instagram application to Android or iOS and access the profile of the user who wants to report. Now, click on the icon i three dots and select the items Not appropriate > I think this account does not meet the guidelines of the Instagram community. of the menu that is offered to you.

Once that’s done, from the options that appear, select the one called This profile claims to be someone else and then specify whether it’s your person ( Myself ), someone you know ( Someone I know ) or a famous person ( A famous person or public figure ).

If the report is not directly about you, you will be redirected to a Help Center page that provides instructions on how to create a report. I remind you that Instagram allows you to report identity theft only if it is about you, but not about people you know: in the latter case, you have to contact the person whose identity would have been stolen and send the user’s nickname ” clone ”, so he can make the report himself.

For famous people, however, a text field is offered in which the references to the person supposedly impersonating this account without authorization are indicated.