How to Get OnlyFans Premium

How to Get OnlyFans Premium

How to Get OnlyFans Premium

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For this you can use the latest OnlyFans add-on service from the OnlyFans team. Used to watch OnlyFans videos. Just paste the username of the model you want to see. It’s free until they finish beta testing this feature. You can access this tool here to view any video.

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I know it’s really hard to add a credit card on OnlyFans, especially if you’re younger and don’t have a credit card. So this would be helpful for people like you and me. Please note that this feature has not been officially released and is still in beta. Therefore, you may encounter problems when playing the video. Try reporting the video if you experience the same. They will fix the problem.

Benefits of this tool

  • No registration required
  • No need to add information to the map
  • There is no need to worry about privacy.

These are the main advantages of this site in my experience. I haven’t found any drawbacks to it so far. I found it really a useful website to watch OnlyFans videos.

C’est quoi Onlyfans

One million dollars in 24 hours … This is the amount that the actress Bella Thorne has earned through the social network OnlyFans. A record never reached on this site often presented as the “Instagram of porn”, that the former Disney star would have beaten by simply sharing exclusive videos and photos of his private life. Already used by many stars and influencers such as rapper Cardi B, this sultry British site keeps causing reactions on social networks due to its blurred boundaries with online prostitution.

Launched in 2016 in the UK, OnlyFans describes itself as “a subscription site that allows content creators to monetize their influence.” The business model is relatively simple: “fans” subscribe to “creator” accounts to access their exclusive photos and videos and have the ability to send them a private message. It costs between $4.99 and $49.99 per month to subscribe to an account. But what differentiates OnlyFans from other social networks is that the platform does not ban nudity.

Nearly 30 million users worldwide

The social network now claims more than 30 million users worldwide, and 350,000 creators to follow. The site, which does not have an application for the moment, has gained in popularity since the containment. “Registrations would have jumped 75% in the month of March,” say the platform’s managers. It is stars like Clara Morgane, Cardi B, Blac Chyna or Bella Thorne, and big influencers who have popularized the social network in recent months.

“At first, I was closed to the idea of signing up. I was afraid for my image. But I launched myself and I liked it right away, it took instantly. Since then, I do nothing else, “says Clement Castelli, 26, who participated in several reality shows, including Les Marseillais South Africa. The influencer Polska has also launched on the platform. She caused a lot of reactions on social networks by announcing on August 10 that she earned a cool 10,000 euros per month by selling her photos on OnlyFans. Enough to arouse vocations among Internet users …

From “nudes”… to pornography

Even if the social network is not officially “X-rated”, its ability to circumvent censorship and monetize intimate content has now made its reputation. The majority of creators on OnlyFans sell mostly sexy photos and videos, even pornographic content. Many ordinary creators post their “nudes” [naked photos] to make some money without too much effort. This is especially the case for the younger generation, already familiar with sending “nudes” on Snapchat or posting in swimsuits on Instagram.

But during containment, the platform took on another dimension with the arrival of many sex workers, who migrated online to secure their income. The confined actors and actresses opened accounts to ensure financial income during the crisis, filming videos or making photoshoots at home. This is the case of Mistress Evilyne, “a dominatrix” who has had a small success on the adult platform. According to her, “an account on this service can easily bring in up to 900 euros a month”, income often supplemented by content on other sites, such as Clips4Sale or iWantClips.

“The regulation of this social network, very liberal on sexually explicit content, has made it the new Eldorado for sex workers on the Internet,” explains Fred Pailler, sociologist and researcher in information and communication sciences. A lot of ground has been covered between the naughty messages of the pink Minitel of the 80s and the subscription to an OnlyFans account. “The achievement of a platform like OnlyFans is a long process, coming in particular from the transformation of pornography with the advent of the Internet in the 90s,” said the sociologist to Marianne.

Child pornography content?

The social network is now facing a lot of criticism. Not everyone sees the flourishing success of this platform in a good light. Accused by many of “popularizing” pornography among young people, the site is also pointed at for having promoted child pornography content. If the conditions of use and access state that you must be 18 years or older, several investigations have shown that minors were present on the platform, as revealed by the BBC last May.

Faced with these accusations, OnlyFans would now like to become more “professional” and, in particular, to improve the measures for verifying the age of users. Currently, the site requires a double verification of age by asking for a photo ID, as well as a scan of the ID card. But according to some Internet users, this measure would be very easy to circumvent…