How to Get someones phone number from an private Instagram account

The best way to answer the question how to see a private Instagram account is to subscribe to the account. But if you don’t want to subscribe, there are other options available to you. There’s using another subscriber’s profile or creating a fake profile. There is also the use of search engines. Alternatively, you can also view the private account with hashtags.

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How to view a private Instagram account: Subscription

Subscribing to the private account is a solution to access its content. How to see a private Instagram account? How to subscribe to hack an Instagram account? Subscription is very simple. You just need to send a request to join the account. Once the request is validated, you can start seeing content.

However, the subscription only works if the person accepts the request. This is not easy if the person doesn’t trust your profile, if they don’t know you, if you don’t have anything in common.

If you do not have a direct relationship with the account holder, it is best to take a different approach. First, contact the person in a private message. Try to build a relationship with them. After that, you can request a membership to be subscribed.

How to see a private Instagram account without subscribing?

How to see a private Instagram account? Don’t want to subscribe? There are solutions you can adopt like using app or site to see the account. It is also possible for you to see the account through the profile of one of the subscribers or by creating a fake profile for yourself. You can also see the account, without subscribing, by using search engines. Otherwise, you can also use hashtags.

Use an app or a site to access the private account

How to see a private Instagram account? Which application to use? There is Ghosty which is downloadable on Android. This application is very popular with Instagram users. It allows access to private accounts, access to the accounts that the private profile follows.

It also allows you to access the account’s subscriber information, download the photos and videos posted by the account, and even save the total information of the account. In return for using Ghosty, you have to give it your details like your username, number of subscribers, etc.

Apart from this app, there are also sites to hack a private Instagram account. How to see a private Instagram account? What are the sites one can use? These are the Instagram profile viewers. For example, there are PrivateInstaViewer, Instadp, Private Instagram Viewer, ViewPrivateProfiles, Instaspy, and many others.

On these sites, you need to fill in your Instagram username. After that, you have to choose between downloading the photos or just viewing them. You will then be redirected to the account you want to view.

Using a subscriber’s account or a fake profile

It is also possible to see a private Instagram account through the profile of a subscriber of the account. How to see a private Instagram account in this case? A private account is only accessible by subscribers. If you know one of the account’s subscribers, you can contact them so that they can lend you their profile so that you can access the private account’s information.

Note, however, that this system only works if you know the subscriber of the account and if you have a good relationship with them. For example, let’s say your ex has made his account private. Let’s say you’re friends with his cousin who is subscribed to his private account.

You can ask the cousin to lend you his profile. That way, you’ll have access to your ex’s private account information. How to see a private Instagram account with a fake profile? If all the above methods did not work, while you do not want to subscribe on the account, you can create a second Instagram account with a fake profile and subscribe to the private account with it.

Note, however, that the account must be relevant if you want a positive response to your application. How to see a private Instagram account with a fake profile? How do you make the profile relevant? You need to create it from scratch to make it look real. To do this, you need to go through all the account creation steps.

First, create the account around a niche. If you have an idea of the niche of the private account, you can copy it and create your account in the same industry. If you don’t know in which field the account works, you can create your profile according to the information you have.

If you know for example the passion of your target, create your account following this passion. If you know what your target likes, create the account around that. If you know your target’s habits, create your account around that. After the niche, there are the account details that you need to fill in properly like the profile picture, username and bio.

For the photo, choose one that matches the niche of the account. For example, if you have created an account around swimming, adopt a profile photo that talks about this activity. The same goes for the username. Choose a name that corresponds to your niche. For the bio, keep it short but to the point.

Since you have chosen a niche, create your biography according to your passion for this niche for example. Keep in mind that this is a fake account that needs to look real. How to see a private Instagram account with a fake profile? You need to post something on the account to fuel it and make it look real.

Always revolve around the niche you have chosen. For example, if you’ve chosen a sports niche, post photos of sporting events for example. Also try to follow other people through the account. For example, you can send membership requests to public profiles that use the same niche as you.

When you have completed the account, you can send a request to your target. Even if they don’t know you, they will see that you are a normal person with a normal account. Since there is nothing to fear, they will accept your request easily.

The fake account is complicated to set up, however, after you have used it, after you have seen the private account, if you don’t need the fake account anymore, you can always resell it on specialized sites like for example or on Viral Accounts.

See a private Instagram account with search engines

Search engines are also good ways to see a private Instagram account. The most convenient ones are: Google and Facebook. How to see a private Instagram account with Google? The system is simple. In fact, Google aggregates various information including private Instagram accounts in its database.

To access the account information, you can go through the “image” search. Once in, you can indicate the username of the private account and launch the search. Then you need to access the posts, images, and other information related to this account. How to see a private Instagram account with Facebook?

Facebook and Instagram have been connected since 2012. They are two separate networks, but it is possible to combine them. Once the networks are combined, what is on Instagram will be on Facebook. So if the private account you want to see is connected to FB, it is possible to see the information, or even follow the account secretly. You can search for the account via the FB search bar.

See a private Instagram account with hashtags

How to see a private Instagram account with hashtags? Hashtags or hash words are public elements that are often present in Instagram posts. Since they are public, anyone can therefore access publications that have hashtags.

How to see a private Instagram account with hashtags? You need to know the type of hash word used by the target. Without this, you will not be able to refine your search. The best thing, if you don’t know the person’s habits, is to target the hashtags according to the account’s niche.

If the account revolves around culinary recipes for example, you can search on Instagram for the most popular hashtags in this field and then search for all posts containing this kind of hash word. This way, you will find the private account and access the account’s information.



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