How to know who owns an Instagram account

Creating an Instagram account is currently accessible to everyone. However, this feature offers the possibility for fake accounts to easily recognize the details of your life on this social network. With the evolution of technology, impersonation is currently the new trend for criminals. You often think you’re talking to your friend’s or loved one’s new account, but the person behind the screen may be someone else entirely. Therefore, to avoid getting scammed, sharing personal information to anyone or to guarantee your safety; it is imperative to locate the legal owners of an Instagram account. Below you will find the proper methods to do so.

Setting up your own analysis on the account owner.

The first thing to do is to look at the name and URL of the profile. It is worth remembering that it is impossible to have the same nickname as another profile. To do this, criminals use another symbol to have a similar nickname in order to carry out their scams. That’s why checking the name and URL is an important step. Another trick is to locate the date when the account was created. The reason is simply to check if it is an old or a new account. In the latter case, it is quite possible that the person behind the account is a criminal.

Then, the next step is to check the account’s subscriber lists. By doing this, you will be able to get your first idea about the person behind the account. For example, if the person has a very large and diverse subscription list, he could be a bot or a criminal. In this case, it will be difficult to find out who they are. If, on the other hand, the lists are mainly about your friends and acquaintances, it is very likely that it is a real account. However, the possibility that it is a robot should not be ruled out. Indeed, there are bots that in order to be more visible decide to subscribe mainly to the relatives of a specific person.

The different processes for discovering the account owner

After performing your own analysis, if you feel that it is a fake account or a person who just wants to harm you, you can proceed with the following steps.

Locate the origin of the images on the account

To do this, you need to use online tools to find the origin of the pictures. Here you will find “how to do a reverse image search on iPhone and iPad” in case you are mainly using an iOS. For our case, we will follow the procedures according to Yandex.

First, take screenshots or save the image on your phone.

Then open “ before clicking on the camera icon.

Then insert the captured or downloaded image to find the results.

You can also choose the “Similar Images” option to find out if the photo has been used by another person elsewhere.

This last feature is the most important for us. By finding the other origins of the image, you can locate the source person’s website or account. But beware, it is also likely that the image was also stolen by that person. To be sure, the best way is to contact the source person.

Locate the coordinates of the account recovery

This is still the fastest and most conclusive way. By proceeding to reset the Instagram password of the account, you will easily find the phone coordinates of the person. To do this:

First note the account’s username (@………..)

Then enter the following link: “”

This is where your note will come into play. After inserting the name, click on “Send Login Link”.

You will then see the message “We have sent a text message to +** ** ** ** ** with a link to retrieve your account” on your screen.

Once you have obtained this contact, you will just have to find out by any means who the phone number belongs to.

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