How to Link Twitter to Instagram

How to Link Twitter to Instagram

How to Link Twitter to Instagram

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If the good old screenshot works pretty well in the (vertical and ephemeral) Story format, we’d like to be able to put a little more shape to it when it comes to publishing a tweet – permanently – on our Instagram feed.

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But by the way, why post tweets on Instagram?

The bridges between Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others are not new, and for good reason, twittos are very creative and at the origin of many buzz and memes. But beyond the fun aspect, we will see today that this practice can be interesting in your professional social media strategy, whether you are a company (marketing) or a person (personal branding). As you will have understood, the idea is not to use an image as such – in which case you could post it natively – but a message, and even more so one that does not come from you, otherwise you could just as easily publish it in the traditional way.

So, why post text on a social network that is essentially based on images? To differentiate yourself, to share with your followers anecdotes, customer reviews, comments from some fans or personalities who sympathize with you on your sports achievements of the weekend, etc. Or in some cases – to be used with moderation – to increase (a bit more) the reach of your (best) tweets. In any case, we recommend that you space out these “message” posts by inserting at least two images between each testimonial, remember that the Instagram feed of a profile is displayed in columns of 3 posts.

How do I post tweets on Instagram?

The two tools we present below allow you to extract any tweet (not just your own). These apps are free and very easy to use.

Our favorite so far, Twimmage

This application, in addition to extracting messages, highlights them through themes: tens (hundreds?) of frames are available! We also appreciate the fact that the application automatically extracts the banner of the account from which the Tweet originated (useful to keep a certain charter) or to be able to put any image from your smartphone – the application only exists on mobile for the moment (Android and ios).

In the idea of publishing a customer comment, Twimmage is therefore particularly ergonomic and adapted to Instagram, because the format will be systematically square and well centered in the setting you have chosen. You can display the number of retweets, likes and the timestamp of the Tweet. We only regret that (for the moment) the hashtags and mentions do not appear in bold-blue. Finally, links and images are not displayed, unlike Pikaso which we present below.

Pikaso, the tool to follow closely

Spotted by the editorial staff last week, this tool is improving day by day. The format has the advantage and disadvantage of adapting to the content: advantage because it allows you to integrate the images present in the Tweet (up to 4), disadvantage because for this same reason, the format is never really square (the images are stacked one under the other vertically) and the display will be degraded on your Instagram feed.

Since you have to log in via your Twitter account, this website offers you to choose from your latest posts, so you don’t have to copy and paste the link, but you can just as easily grab any public Tweet. The tool is still under development, an application (android and ios) is under study as well as some options (possibility to change the font and color of the text, to add a theme,…) Finally, unlike the Twimmage application, retweets and likes do not appear for the moment.


Without going overboard with a digital guestbook, you are now equipped with tools to add a unique touch to your Instagram profile. At the time of writing, we have identified less than 200 posts with the hashtag (or mentioning the account) #Twimmage. We find that these posts attract more likes (3 to 5x) and more comments (2x) than other posts by these authors. Maybe because they are re-shared in Story by subscribers, in order to convey the said message, because they call for a comment and generate conversations?

Again, the advantage of these tools is that they are quick and easy to use. If you have a little more time on your hands, we recommend Buffer’s Pablo, which allows you to put any background (your image) and a text, all by choosing the square format in our case. But then we move away from the Tweet itself. So, fashion effect or promising format, don’t hesitate to share your tips and tools in comments.