How to organize giveaway contests  on Facebook

Creating a community on Facebook has become a real asset for a brand or a company. One of the best ways to increase awareness, gain more followers on your Facebook page and at the same time, gain customers, is to create a giveaway contest!

But, why and how to organize a successful Facebook giveaway contest?

What type of giveaway contest to choose? We explain everything, and especially we give you concrete examples.

Why organize a Facebook giveaway contest?

Facebook has nearly 3 billion users worldwide. Organizing a Facebook giveaway contest to attract new customers can only be an excellent idea.

But, why organize a giveaway contest? What are the real objectives of Facebook giveaway contests?

Here are the main objectives of a contest.

Animate your community

Facebook contests are a great way to animate your community. By offering them prizes to win, you hold their attention.

Internet users can also share your page. Thus, you gain visibility and increase your brand awareness.

Build loyalty and grow your community

Creating a Facebook giveaway contest allows you to build customer loyalty, to thank them for their presence, but also to gain visibility.

Thanks to your fans present on your page, you can gain other subscribers and increase your popularity. They will most likely invite their friends to participate in your giveaway contest.

Highlight your products

This is an opportunity for you to promote your brand. It is advisable to put forward a new product, to propose prizes, coupons. Take advantage of the visibility that the game can bring you to promote the new products of your brand.

For example, if you are a jewelry brand and you will soon release a new collection, this is the perfect opportunity to promote your new models through your giveaway contest.

How to organize a Facebook giveaway contest?

To organize your Facebook giveaway contest and maximize your chances to increase your visibility, there are a few essential steps to follow.

Choose the prize or product to be won

The very first thing to do when you want to organize a Facebook giveaway contest is to determine the prize to offer. The prize obtained is the first motivation of the users to participate in your giveaway contest. To offer a coherent and attractive gift for your giveaway contest, we recommend a few tips. The prize to be won must be :

  • Attractive: the final prize must make users want to participate in your Facebook giveaway contest.

If you are a cosmetics brand, offering users to win a complete basket of your products will stimulate them.

  • Consistent: The giveaway must be consistent with your brand and what your community likes.

If you’re a chocolate brand, you’re not going to give away clothes to your subscribers.

Define simple rules

You need to think about the rules of your Facebook giveaway contest. Your giveaway contest should be simple and quick to understand. A giveaway contest that is too complicated to understand, nobody will bother to participate.

Also, to make your Facebook giveaway contest a success, you must respect certain rules imposed by Facebook.


Info warningCertain practices are prohibited:

  • Forcing users to like or follow your page to participate in a campaign.
  • Requiring users to share your giveaway contest on their wall or a friend’s wall.
  • Asking users to tag their friends in your post.

Optimize your post

As with all publications, it must be understood by everyone. It is important to specify the essential points in the text of your publication:

  • The prize: inform about the final reward.
  • The rules: mention the rules of the giveaway contest in order to participate.
  • The number of winners: it is essential to specify if one or more people will be the lucky winners and to inform about the expected date of the draw.

On the other hand, your visual also has its role and must be :

  • Attractive: the visual attracts the eye of the user, so work on it to make him want to participate in your giveaway contest.
  • Consistent: don’t hesitate to use a picture of the prize to be won to show the users the final gain.


The last step of your Facebook giveaway contest is the draw. This step is very important and must be done properly. To help you in this crucial step, here are some tips:

  • Leave it to chance: we advise you not to choose the winner among your subscribers. It is important to give everyone a chance.
  • Stay neutral: too bad if your raffle doesn’t pick one of your most loyal subscribers, as we said before, leave it to chance.
  • You can use a raffle application, which will take into account all entries.

9 examples of Facebook games to liven up your page

You’re convinced that a giveaway contest game belongs on your Facebook page and we can only encourage you to do so. Now it’s up to you to determine the best giveaway contest for your audience. Let’s go ahead and give you 8 concrete examples to reuse.

At the beginning, I suggest you the site of to get inspiration for the gifts you can give to your fans.

1 – Facebook question and answer giveaway contest

Through a publication, ask one to three questions to Internet users.

Once the questions are asked and the answers of the users available, draw the winner among the correct answers in comments.

The objective: to encourage your community to interact with you while offering them a final reward.🎁

2 – Instant win games

What are the instant win games? These games are set up to encourage the internet user to click on your page and try to win a gift.

The objective is that the user clicks on a button.

For example, “click here to find out if you are the lucky winner”, once the user clicks on the button, a message is displayed and the user knows if he has won or not.

This is a game that requires little action on the part of the Internet user and that can allow him to win a reward without too much effort. On the other hand, the Internet user can quickly get tired of this format.

3 – The prize draw

The raffle is one of the most classic formats that you can use to animate your Facebook page and run giveaway contests. All you have to do is ask users to interact and comment on your posts.

You can also ask them to identify their friends in the comments in order to bring more participants on your post and more interactions.

From their comments, you will randomly pick a winner.

4 – Creative games

You can challenge your community with creative challenges by asking them to make or post a photo on a specific theme that you have communicated to them.

Creative games enhance the value of the community and allow for a real interaction with them. It also allows the user to feel at the heart of the projects and to be valued.

5 – Facebook giveaway contest “complete the following sentence…”

This type of giveaway contest is very much in line with the concept of creative games, as it encourages users to think and use their creativity.

You can ask them to complete a sentence or a paragraph.

For the one who will have been the most creative, you can offer him a reward on the different products or services of your website and let him the final choice. Think about adding a link to your page in your giveaway contest or create a Facebook store beforehand.

This is a great way to get participants to click through to your website and check out the different giveaways.

6 – Facebook live

Facebook live is a great way to generate engagement. To do it better, combine a live with a Facebook giveaway. This is the best way for you to boost your content.

Here’s how you can set up your Facebook live giveaway contest:

  • Announce the giveaway in your live description.
  • Keep the viewer engaged throughout the live stream by keeping them busy.
  • State the steps to follow orally at the end of your live.
  • Announce the name of the winner orally during the live show.

7 – Make them choose a product

This type of Facebook giveaway contest allows you to put forward several of your products, a good way for you to compare your products and their popularity.

The rules of the game are simple: you can create a post with a visual grouping several products or services of your company and ask users for their opinions and preferences in comments.

This is a great way to generate engagement on your Facebook page, but also a great opportunity to generate direct sales. Remember to add the link to your page.

8 – giveaway contest: one day/one gift

Your company’s anniversary, the end of year celebrations or other important events are the perfect occasion to set up the “one day/one gift” game.

You can set up simple rules like:

  • Like the post
  • Follow us on Facebook and Instagram
  • Identify a friend who might also be interested in entering this giveaway for a chance to win

It’s up to you, you now have all the tips to make your Facebook giveaway contest successful.

Run them regularly and remember to share with your community.

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