How to Reactivate Your Instagram Account

How to Reactivate Your Instagram Account

How to Reactivate Your Instagram Account

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If you have deactivated your Instagram account and would like to restore it, please note that according to Instagram’s deletion policy, you cannot recover your old account or username. However, you can reactivate an account that has been temporarily disabled at any time.

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Reactivate an Instagram account

  • Open the Instagram application. To get your account temporarily deactivated, you just need to log in to your account.
  • Enter your username and password. With this information, it should be enough to recover your Instagram account. You have activated your account again!

If after trying to log in, you haven’t been able to get your account back, you’re going to need to change your password.

Recover the Instagram password

If the previous way of reactivating an Instagram account wasn’t successful, you can try this second option: reset the password.

After a temporary suspension, you may have forgotten your password. We’ll explain how to change it.

  • It sounds easy, however this procedure can be much more complicated. Instagram is very demanding when it comes to reactivating old accounts.
  • If you choose to deactivate your account, know that Instagram will only do it for a week.

FYI, if you just want to change the Instagram account password, click on the three dashes in the top right of the screen. then “change password” in the left menu. Then on account.

Click on the link under the “forgot?” login form.
Enter the email associated with your Instagram account. If the email is correct, you will receive an email with the steps to recover your password.

Instagram Terms of Use

One of the reasons why you can’t reactivate your account may be that you haven’t followed Instagram’s terms of use.

Check the terms of use to see if your account has been suspended. Depending on the degree of the infraction, you may or may not be able to get your account back.


It goes without saying that if you do not respect the rules of Instagram or any platform, you can be excluded. We summarize for you the few rules to follow when posting photos or videos:

  • Publish photos and videos that belong to you. That is, content that you can claim ownership of.
  • Any photos or videos must be all public. Don’t post nude, sexual or violent content. Avoid posting content that encourages self-harm.
  • Be respectful of other users.
  • Don’t spam: repetitive comments or hijack the social network for commercial purposes (promotional codes, or web pages).


If the terms of use are not respected, Instagram can deactivate your account without warning you.

  • Be 13 years old or older.
  • Not sell or transfer your account to someone else
  • Do not ask for another user’s credentials
  • Do not post violent, discriminatory or sexual content
  • Do not send spam to other users
  • Do not create robot or unauthorized accounts
  • Do not restrict another user’s use
  • Do not transmit viruses or trojans
  • Do not attempt to enter the application with a private API
  • Do not use Instagram for illegal purposes
  • You are responsible for all actions on your account
  • NEVER share your password with anyone. Nor to content schedulers.

Some applications allow you to schedule your content and often they ask you for your password: not a very secure procedure. If you want to know how to schedule an Instagram post automatically, read our article to know the pros and cons.


Instagram gives you the possibility to save all the shared files in your mobile. You just have to activate the option. This is a way to save all the photos and videos on your phone.


After following all these steps, you still can’t reactivate your Instagram account: contact Instagram directly. To contact them, there are different ways:

  • Use Instagram’s help pages and their Help Center: you’ll be able to find pages for troubleshooting and help with logging in, account management or privacy and security conditions.
  • If you are in your profile you can click, in the menu, on “Help”. And if you can’t log in, click on “Forgot your password?” so that Instagram will send you an email with instructions to recover your password.
  • Go to the “Security and Privacy” tab to send your request.
  • Go into the instagram Facebook page. This is the most efficient because they don’t have a support email.

To make sure they respond to you, follow these tips when writing your post:

You’ll get a better response if your message is clear and objective. Don’t write in anger or frustration.
Be thorough. Don’t just say you can’t get online. Explain your concern and, more importantly, everything you’ve already done to fix it.
Include screenshots to illustrate your problem. A picture is easier to understand than text.
Don’t forget to give your username. Be careful, DO NOT give your password.
Don’t wait for a response.