How to Read Instagram Message without the Sender Knowing

How to Read Instagram Message without the Sender Knowing

How to Read Instagram Message without the Sender Knowing

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Many users of the network Instagram They are looking for how to read someone’s messages without their knowledge, that is, without showing them a message that has been read.Seen “By chatting. Most of these people do not want to respond normally, but they want to know the content of that message.If the sender knew that the message was read and did not receive a response, it could upset him.This is the importance of reading Instagram messages without their knowledge.

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Unfortunately, there is no official option that allows you to do this, but we can say that there are two secrets on which you can rely on one of them to be able to read messages without knowing the sender on Instagram, that is, when he enters the chat, He will not see a message Seen “Seen” even if you read it. Apart from that, you can worry about our guide How to send private Instagram messages on computer.

How to read someone’s Instagram messages without them knowing

The first way is via Restrict that person on InstagramCheck out our guide on this. With this restriction, you do not show this interaction with your posts, but it remains visible to him only, and when he sends you private messages, they appear in the request box, and even if you read them, he will never know.

It should be noted that you can also read the messages you receive where the notifications appear. This is one of the common methods on which a lot depends, but in some cases the content of the message may not appear completely in the notification.

The second method we will rely on in this explanation is to read Instagram messages offline. How? This is what we will learn in the next steps.

  1. Open the Instagram app, then go to the private messages section.
  2. Turn on airplane mode on your phone to disconnect the Internet from it.
  3. Now read the messages to be read without the owner’s knowledge. You can also read multiple messages.
  4. After reading the message, go to your profile, then click on the three bar option at the top, then click on Settings “Setting”, Then scroll down and log out of the account. (Make sure you are still not connected to the internet).
  5. Now turn off airplane mode and reconnect to the internet, then Sign in to your Instagram account.
  6. Go back to the private messages section and you will see that this message is not yet open.

The method is effective without a doubt, so you can be sure that by following these steps, he will never know that you have read the message. If you are afraid of this, tell your friend to text you and then apply these steps. Also, you may want to read more about How to hide someone’s posts and stories on Instagram.