How to Recover deleted Instagram posts

How to Recover deleted Instagram posts

How to Recover deleted Instagram posts

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How to recover deleted photos on Instagram is a question that arises for owners of profiles and business pages on a social network. After accidental or intentional deletion of photos in the photo network, the question automatically arises how to resend the images. The article describes simple options for resending content on your page. Information is provided on how to hide the images from public view so that you can return them without any problems.

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Is it possible to recover deleted photos on Instagram?

The article will not present a wonderful method of returning publications. In reality, performing such a process is rather difficult. If the content was deleted incorrectly, it will be possible to return it completely only through legal means.

Educated people who carefully read the terms of the user agreement before registering on the resource understand that the insta service is not standard for the general understanding of hosting. A photo network is distinguished by two factors:

  • its own storage facilities;
  • creates backup copies of received digital information data.

According to the rules of the photo network, information about each independently posted person is collected and presented in a special database. It is impossible to access it without a trial. The proof that the photographs represent exclusively their owner is not useful here.

How to recover deleted photos after hacking?

One of the reasons for the loss of previously published photo content is profile hacking. In such a situation, the user, before contacting support or the court, should use all independent options for action, how to restore a photo on instagram after deletion.

Images are stored on personal smartphones, from where they were previously downloaded. If the owner of the content did not delete it at the same time, everything will be restored. You can restore personal posts via popular storage services such as:

  1. Standard Gallery.
  2. DCIM / Camera category folder on a smartphone.
  3. Special image catalogs.
  4. Downloads section.

In order to find the desired file in various sources, it is recommended to use the manager. The first requirement for it is the availability of such options as sorting, high-quality filtering and a fairly flexible search.

How to recover deleted photos on Instagram?

In order for the feature to return content to be opened, the user must save it properly in the profile. There is an archive option for this purpose. In this place, users store content that it is a shame to delete completely and at the same time, they do not want to show it to strangers. In order to perform archiving with permission for later return, you need to do the following:

  • Log in to your account.
  • The image required to move is searched.
  • Access the menu via a three-dot icon.
  • An option with archive is selected in the list of possible actions.How to recover deleted photos from Instagram.

After performing such actions, the publications leave the band, hide from the eyes of strangers. As soon as there is a desire to restore publications, you need to do such manipulations as:

  • You need to go to the profile;
  • the clock icon at the top of the screen is activated;
  • the archive selects the required content;
  • enter the three-dot menu;
  • in the list of available actions, select Show on page.

Thus, the answer to the question of whether it is possible to recover deleted photos on Instagram can be positive. The ability to perform the presented operations will allow a person to effectively move the publications. For business profile owners, this is a useful feature that allows them to promote a product or service.

Without the help of programs

Without the use of third-party applications and established rules, returning content to the device will not be easy. No one wants to voluntarily take legal action. Therefore, it is worthwhile to solve the problem of recovering photos after deletion.

Without using the software, you will have to operate exclusively via the archiving for storage provided above. It will take time to move the images so that they are not deleted but hidden. Each object is archived exclusively manually in the place where it will be stored later.

After archiving, the selected and deleted publications can be returned. You can do this at any time. Follow the steps described in the previous section. In order to achieve a positive result, you should keep the priority and, if necessary, contact the support staff on a special page. It is important to know that without prior archiving, publications cannot be returned. After the withdrawal, they will leave irrevocably.

With programs

Among the advanced users of Instagram, there are such profile owners that they have the skills to use various third-party software. If they need to return the deleted photos, an operation is performed to restore and then return to the tape. The process is performed after accessing according to the instructions:

  • Remember where the image is located.
  • A software is installed that can quickly return publications.
  • The place where the objects are collected and stored is scanned..
  • It is important to keep all the files that the software finds..
  • recover deleted instagram photos

If the user has previously deleted the images from the memory of the smartphone, the options to recover them will automatically reappear. The main thing is to act exclusively on the last trail. A positive result when performing such operations can be obtained using the utility – DiskDigger. This is a functional program designed for Android OS..


If previously posted content on your Instagram profile has been cancelled and deleted as a result of the loss, this will not work. Instantly resending posts on a heavily-loaded account, or restoring large content that is not in the archives, cannot do without a long-term court case. To avoid such difficulties, it is not recommended to intentionally delete public posts, archive partially or entirely.