How to Watch live video on Instagram anonymously

How to Watch live video on Instagram anonymously

How to Watch live video on Instagram anonymously

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Your friends use Instagram. to do live streaming and, in that sense, you would be very curious to see their broadcasts. On the other hand, however, you don’t want them to know that you are also subscribed to the popular photographic social network and so you wonder if there is a way to make the attempt anyway, while remaining anonymous.

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Don’t worry: if you’re wondering how to look live on Instagram without being seen Know that I’m here to help you achieve your goal. In fact, I have a few solutions in mind, involving the use of Instagram and third-party tools, that might work for you – I’ll talk about them in detail in later chapters of this guide.

That being said, if you’re eager to get started, sit back and take a few minutes of free time. Please read the following lines of this guide carefully to follow the instructions I am about to give you and to succeed in your proposed intention. Happy reading!

Before I explain how to watch live on Instagram without being seen, I need to give you some preliminary information on this subject. In fact, you should know that Instagram. does not allow users to view live programs without logging into their Instagram account.

That said, you can still achieve the intent you proposed in an alternative way, using another Instagram account, so that anonymity is maintained. Another possible solution is the use of certain web services, such as the ones I will talk about in the next chapters, through which it is possible to see the stories added to the private browsing section. Stories in evidence.

This last solution is therefore useful to be able to watch live broadcasts without being seen, in case the live video has been saved by the user and published in this specific section of the photographic social network. For more details, read on.

Watch Instagram live without being seen

As expected, the first useful solution to view Instagram directly without being seen is the one related to the use of a secondary Instagram account you have. That being said, if you have already registered with Instagram. for the second time, all you have to do is change your account.

If, on the contrary, you need to create a new Instagram account, first launch the Instagram. you have downloaded, by clicking on its icon that you find on the home screen and/or in the drawer of your device. Then press the little man icon in the bottom right corner (or on the thumbnail of your profile) and pressIcon ☰ in the top right corner.

Now, in the menu that appears, touch the Settings item and then press Add Account. Once this is done, press the Create New Account button, to register and automatically add a new account to the application.

Once this is done, press your first name located in the top bar of the application and press username that refers to your sub-account to switch to it.

At this point, to see the live user you are interested in, simply search for their Instagram profile via the application’s search engine (the magnifying glass icon).