What is Chroming? Meaning of dangerous TikTok deodorant trend explained

As we steer into the digital era, the world of social media is burgeoning with countless trends, challenges, and viral content. Some are lighthearted and entertaining, while others can be a serious cause for concern. One such alarming trend that’s made headlines recently is known as ‘chroming’. This article aims to shed light on this dangerous craze and the tragedy it led to.

Understanding ‘Chroming’: A Hazardous Trend

So, what exactly is ‘chroming’? In layman’s terms, it refers to the act of intentionally inhaling toxic fumes, usually from aerosol products such as deodorant cans or paint containers. The term originates from Australia and draws its name from the practice of abusing chrome-based paint to induce a fleeting high. As thrilling as it may sound to some, chroming poses serious health risks that can prove fatal.

Origins of Chroming

Interestingly, the term ‘chroming’ is not new. It has been used in Australia and around the world for many years to describe a form of substance abuse. It has, unfortunately, gained recent prominence due to its association with social media trends and the tragic passing of a young individual who engaged in this perilous activity.

TikTok and Chroming: A Dangerous Blend

TikTok, a popular video-sharing app, especially amongst the younger demographic, is known to fuel various trends. Recently, the term ‘chroming’ surfaced on the platform, creating a wave of concern. Fortunately, TikTok appears to have moderated content associated with this hazardous practice, curbing its spread. However, the controversy has already sparked an array of discussions and has thrown a spotlight on this alarming act.

A Global Concern: The Prevalence of Chroming

Despite moderation efforts, the prevalence of chroming still poses a significant global concern. The hazardous act has been practiced as a drug-taking activity in numerous parts of the world for a considerable period. It’s not entirely clear if TikTok users have been encouraging this as a trend, but the mere association with the platform has elevated the visibility of this dangerous practice.

Unfolding the Tragedy: The Consequences of Chroming

The perilous nature of chroming was thrust into the limelight during Easter weekend 2023, following a tragic incident in Melbourne, Australia. As reported, a 13-year-old girl named Esra Haynes sadly lost her life after engaging in chroming at a friend’s sleepover. Despite immediate medical intervention, Esra could not recover from the induced brain damage and tragically passed away after eight days in hospital. This heartbreaking incident underscores the deadly risks associated with chroming.

The Grieving Family’s Appeal

Following the untimely death of their daughter, Esra’s parents openly shared their distressing ordeal, hoping to raise awareness about the grave dangers of chroming. They believe that awareness is a crucial step towards preventing such tragedies. They emphasized that their daughter might not have engaged in chroming had she understood the life-threatening consequences. Their plea is a stark reminder of the urgent need for a comprehensive understanding of such dangerous trends amongst the youth.


As we traverse the vast landscape of social media trends, it’s crucial to distinguish between harmless fun and potential dangers. Chroming is a stark example of the latter, a perilous practice with fatal implications. The tragic incident involving young Esra underscores the need for vigilance, caution, and awareness regarding online trends and challenges. It’s paramount that we educate ourselves, and especially the younger generation, about the severe consequences of participating in such hazardous activities.


  1. What is chroming?
    • Chroming is the practice of intentionally inhaling toxic fumes, usually from aerosol products like deodorant cans or paint containers, to achieve a temporary high.
  2. Where does the term ‘chroming’ originate from?
    • The term ‘chroming’ originates from Australia. It’s named after the practice of abusing chrome-based paint to induce a fleeting high.
  3. Why is chroming dangerous?
    • Chroming is dangerous as it exposes the body to toxic chemicals which can lead to severe health risks, including brain damage and potentially fatal consequences.
  4. How did chroming become associated with TikTok?
    • The term ‘chroming’ surfaced on TikTok, a popular video-sharing platform, leading to widespread discussions and awareness about the practice. It’s not clear if users have been promoting it as a trend, but the association with the platform has certainly increased its visibility.
  5. What can be done to prevent dangerous practices like chroming?
    • Education and awareness are key to prevent dangerous practices like chroming. It’s crucial to educate ourselves and the younger generation about the severe consequences of such activities. Platforms like TikTok can also play a role by moderating and removing content that promotes harmful behavior.

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