How to Track Instagram Followers Over Time

How to Track Instagram Followers Over Time

How to Track Instagram Followers Over Time

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We were telling you about it not so long ago: Instagram is the new social network that is on the rise, both for a company and for individuals. With this popularity, a multitude of online tools have developed in recent years to help you manage and analyze your account statistics.

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For those who can’t afford professional tools, there are first of all the statistical analysis tools offered by Instagram itself!

The trick is to switch your account to a professional account to have access to a whole bunch of information about “How many people liked this post? How many comments? Where are my followers from? How old are they?” and all the questions you can think of.

Interesting to get a first opinion on its audience and its characteristics, the “Statistics” tool of Instagram is still a bit poor in understanding and fine analysis of these raw data. But other tools are more advanced…


Iconosquare is one of them: in addition to a complete dashboard that allows you to quickly browse your account (feeds, photos, likes, followers… ), the tool has an analysis and statistics module that provides you with all the useful figures of your account.

You can find in graphs the number of likes of your photos, the evolution of your community, your most popular posts, and much more.

However, since its last updates, Iconosquare’s statistics module has become paying: from 29€ per month. Fortunately, the 14-day free trial is still available!

But don’t panic! We have found cheaper alternatives for you!


Just as complete as Iconosquare, Squarelovin has a powerful analysis tool:

  • Your number of followers and their location,
  • The number of followers gained but also lost,
  • Your most engaged followers,
  • Your most popular posts,
  • Posting times, filters and hashtags most used for your photos…

Squarelovin offers you a battery of statistics to analyze and optimize your Instagram account! Their Twitter account, very active, allows you to ask questions to their user service and ensures an efficient follow-up.

Totally free in its Analytics component, Squarelovin is really the perfect tool to manage your Instagram account masterfully without having to pay a cent!


For English speakers, UnionMetrics has a powerful, but expensive, analytics tool:

  • Real-time analysis of your Instagram profile
  • Notifications and automatic alerts that are triggered according to the criteria you enter
  • A dashboard that gathers all your compiled data
  • A detailed analysis of your content
  • An online support service, reachable at any time

UnionMetrics is a very good tool to manage your Instagram account, but you have to be able to pay for it! Count minimum $49/month for a social manager, and up to $199/month for a full team and an improved access to all the features of the tool.

However, for free, you can access the UnionMetrics check-up, which proposes, in two minutes, to make a complete evaluation of your profile and to give you all its recommendations for your next posts.


Socialbakers is not well known outside of English-speaking countries, but it is very useful! Big brands use it every day, like Samsung, Sony or Havas, and manage communities that count in hundreds of thousands (often millions!) of followers.

All the analysis tools are there, to understand exactly who views your profile and which publications REALLY reach your targets! An essential tool to understand your audience and to be sure to always hit the bull’s eye!

Beware, Socialbakers is an expensive tool (it’s justified by its extraordinary efficiency!): you’ll have to spend at least $170/month to use the most accessible formula.

However, you can take advantage of all the features of this very good tool for free !


With a package starting at $49/month, SocialInsider offers a complete and relatively affordable tool for those who want to start managing social networks at a professional level.

Socialinsider is primarily aimed at social media managers and digital communication agencies. It is a comprehensive tool that allows you to see at a glance the evolution of the reach of your publications, and therefore to judge the progress of your work over the long term.

With a very clear interface and concise and reliable data, Socialinsider is a good tool. Be careful though: it is better to master English, because most of the features of this site are not available in other languages.

You can try this tool for free for 14 days before any payment is required! Why deprive yourself?


Keyhole is an interesting tool for those who want to manage their social networks through the prism of fully analyzed and dissected campaigns. Keyhole scans your publications and your campaign to suggest the best decisions to make.

With a neat and very talking interface, it is easy to find your way through Keyhole’s statistics. Even Instagram Stories are analyzed, so you can be sure that this tool will dig into the smallest corners of social networks and will be able to tell you everything about your account!

The cheapest package starts at 29€/month, which is not excessive to use your Instagram like a pro! Keyhole will soon be your best friend!

You can try Keyhole for free for 30 days!


Well-known to all those who manage several social network accounts, Hootsuite is the flagship tool for scheduling your posts, but not only! You can count on a large number of analytical functions to make your life easier.

Curves, graphs, raw numbers, indicators of all forms and on all subjects are available thanks to Hootsuite! With a tool like this, it’s impossible not to know: just look!

Hootsuite’s price range is very wide: the Professional plan (largely sufficient for daily use) is 25€/month, while the Business plan, particularly rich and useful for large teams, is 599€/month. So there’s something for every taste and every use, it’s up to you to make your choice!

You can of course count on a 30-day free trial to make up your mind!