How to view a Snapchat story without being seen

How to view a Snapchat story without being seen

How to view a Snapchat story without being seen

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It is often embarrassing to be seen by such and such a person when you check your Snapchat story, especially when it is someone who is not yet in a perfect relationship with you. If you do it from time to time and he notices you, he may indeed immediately think that you are spying on him when you are not even thinking about it. If you View his story, maybe you just want to know one or two things or that something interests you. So it would be better if you could watch it without being seen. Fortunately for you, there is a way to do this. Just refer to these few lines below to find out how.

View a Snapchat story without being seen: an easy but effective method

It doesn’t take much to prevent your friends from seeing you when you View their Snapchat story. You won’t have to download any specific application or tools of any kind on your smartphone or PC to do this. All you have to do is to make sure that your phone is not in airplane mode. Once you’re sure it’s not, you need to launch the Snapchat app. Then load the story you want to view. As soon as it loads, you should exit Snapchat immediately. Switch to airplane mode afterwards without wasting a single moment. Now you can View the story in peace without anyone seeing you doing it. Take your time if you need to, because there’s no risk of anyone noticing you there. When you’re done, you can put your smartphone back to normal mode and return to Snapchat.

View a Snapchat story without being seen: do a trial run to be more sure of your method

If you’ve never used the famous method to prevent your friends on Snapchat from seeing that you’ve viewed their story, do a trial run first to be more sure of your act. To do this, you need the help of your friends and family who subscribe to Snapchat. You just have to try the technique on their stories to see for yourself if they didn’t see you looking at them. If it really worked, you can apply the method with other people.

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