clubhouse app invite

How to get clubhouse invite

How to get clubhouse invite

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The application dedicated to voice chats is accessible by invitation only. Discover some tips to join the platform.

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Popular with tech professionals, webmarketers and entrepreneurs, the Clubhouse application is now available on iOS and by invitation. If there is no miracle solution to get the precious sesame, we suggest you to adopt some tips to put all the chances on your side to be invited.

Target a person you trust

Before trying to get an invitation to use the Clubhouse application and participate in its many rooms, it is first recommended that you get invited by someone you trust. It is important to remember that users who invite their contacts to join the platform are responsible for the members they invite. If the person who invited you behaves inappropriately or violates the Clubhouse Community Guidelines, they may be banned from the application. And, as a result, users who have received invitations from that person will be suspended as well. For this reason, we strongly discourage the use of sites that sell invitations for a fee.

Download the application and reserve your username

If you want to join the Clubhouse community, start by downloading the mobile application, even if you have not yet received an invitation. You’ll have the opportunity to reserve your username, which you’ll use when you join the platform. You will then be placed on the Clubhouse waiting list.

Note: Your username can be changed once you have been invited, but this can only be done once.

By reserving your username and joining this waiting list, your invitation request will be pushed to users already on Clubhouse and you will be able to join the platform faster. Bonus: this type of suggestion will not be deducted from the quota of invitations that Clubhouse offers to users (see below).

Search for Clubhouse invitations on Twitter, Google…

If you don’t want to wait any longer to try out the voice chat app, you can contact the moderators on Clubhouse and ask them to send you an invitation. When hosting or co-hosting rooms, many users share the topic and connection link on other social networking platforms to attract a wider audience.

Find a Clubhouse invitation on Twitter

Type “” – which is the beginning of the login URL – into the Twitter search bar to find upcoming room moderators and request a DM invite. You can also add this query to your Tweetdeck to stay on top of your invitation search.

Find a Clubhouse Invitation on Google

You can also type “” into the Google search bar. The list of scheduled Clubhouse rooms will appear and you can try to get in touch with the moderator(s) via the various online social networking platforms.