How to Track Down Someones Location On Instagram

How to Track Down Someones Location On Instagram

How to Track Down Someones Location On Instagram

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Instagram, the social network that specializes in photo sharing, lets you geotag your posts. A service that can be very practical, but also offers the American company a whole stock of information about you and your habits. Moreover, systematically sharing the address of the places you frequent can be dangerous, especially if your account is public. It is therefore necessary to learn how to activate and deactivate geolocation on Instagram.

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To use Instagram well, it is important to know a number of things and be able to put them into practice. Among these, the issues that touch on security are surely the most essential. Knowing how to manage and secure your privacy on Instagram is indeed a subject that should not be taken lightly. That’s why Clubic offers you to go back over key points that will allow you to protect yourself and not disclose more information than you want to share. So in this new tutorial, we’re going to learn how to control geolocation data on Instagram.

Turning geolocation on and off on Instagram

  1. Once is not usual, in this tutorial we are not going to ask you to immediately open your Instagram application. Indeed, the place from which we will act is none other than the settings menu of your smartphone or tablet. So let’s go in search of the “Settings” button on your device. This one is, in the vast majority of cases, represented by the symbol of a gear.
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  2. Once you have located and pressed the famous button, and you are in the settings menu, go to the section related to security. On the smartphone used for this tutorial, the section is called “Passwords and Security”.
  3. Scroll until you see the line “Location” and select it by pressing it.
  4. At the top of this window, you can see a button in front of “Access my location”. If the button is blue, it means that your device is geotagged. If it is gray, it means that this service is not active. So press it to perform either operation.

Note: If you can’t find the settings, type “Geolocation” or “Location” in the small search bar at the top of the settings. You should easily reach the desired menu.

Activate geolocation on Instagram from the application

  1. However, it is possible to enable geotagging (but not disable it) when you want to add a location to a photo from the app. To do this, open Instagram and tap on your profile picture, which is located at the bottom right of the screen.
  2. Among your posts, select the photo you want to geotag.
  3. Now tap on the three vertical dots located at the top right of the selected photo.
  4. In the small window that opens, select “Edit”.
  5. Now tap on the “Add Location” that appears at the top left of the photo in question, under your username.
  6. Then press the “Activate location services” button that appears on this new page.
  7. Confirm your action by simply pressing OK in the small window that has just appeared before your eyes.

Geolocation is now activated, you can determine the exact location where this photo was taken. This can of course also be done live when you post an image online.

To be safe, we advise you not to keep geolocation active when you are not using this feature. This will protect your privacy as well as your personal data, both on Instagram and on other networks or applications.