How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

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Here are 5 methods you can use to 100% anonymously view all the stories on Instagram you want! You can even download them if you feel like it!

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Anonymous Instagram Story: what you need to know

Social media, are known for countless innovations they have brought in our way of communicating and especially sharing information. Instagram has stood out from other social networks especially with its famous “stories”. In 2016, stories were integrated into Instagram. For those who did not know, “Instagram Stories” is a feature that allows you to share photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours and show the author of the stories who viewed them.

How do you watch someone’s Instagram stories without them knowing?

If you’re here it’s because you’re wondering how to anonymously view someone’s Instagram story?

Although the official Instagram app doesn’t show you other people’s Instagram stories without leaving a trace, there are workarounds that we will explore in this article and these workarounds will allow you to view instagram stories without being a friend, view instagram stories from a private account, use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox plugins, . … to see the story, to use some web services like Instagram Viewer, StoriesIg and others to see the stories that interest you like @andrientb for example if you are a fan. This action is referred to as “Stalk a person”!

Read on if you want to learn 4 interesting methods to anonymously see other people’s Instagram stories:

Method #1: use the Instagram Story Saver APK to view Instagram stories anonymously.

Get Instagram Story Saver if you use Android (sorry to all iOS users).

Log in and search for the stories you want to view. The main menu will display the default list of the latest stories from friends. Take your pick or use the search to find more while avoiding spelling mistakes. Found what you want to see? Cool. Now you have 2 options:

  1. Save (recommended): Allows you to save the story as a video to view later.
  2. Share: while this saves the video, also allows you to share with friends on applications, WhatsApp, for example.

Method No. 2: use the Google Chrome IG extension to view Instagram stories anonymously

If you are using a computer to use your Instagram account, you may want to consider downloading the Google Chrome browser if you haven’t already, as we will be using a Google Chrome extension (sorry Android and iOS fans).

If you already have Google Chrome installed on your computer, also get Alec Garcia’s Google Chrome IG Story extension, which is the outstanding extension we’re going to use to view Instagram stories 100% anonymously.

Once installed, you should see an eye icon in your Instagram stories, an eye that also allows you to anonymously view other users’ stories. In addition to hiding your name, it will not even be notified that someone has seen the content. It would be really sad if a bunch of anonymous people rushed to watch your stories!

While this is quite a plug-in, don’t be surprised if it suddenly disappears as plugins of this magnitude disappear as quickly as they appeared; Instagram has made some of them disappear before to the extent that while you may be very happy to view a story anonymously, Instagram would be less so anyway!

Method #3: Use an Instagram Story Viewer service to see someone’s stories without them knowing

Instagram story viewer are online services and tools (usually from websites) that you can use to view Instagrame stories without anyone knowing.

1. Storiesig

Go to then enter the “username” of your target and press enter (the target being the person who owns the story you want to see). If the user has stories, you will have the option to watch them or download them for free.

2. Insta Story

Go to then enter the username of the account containing the stories you want to anonymously view or download and press the search button. The stories should appear with the date and other information (tag, hashtag, location, text…) if available. Use the download button to save it.

3. Weinstag

Go to and add the username without @. Now you can see and download their stories. Enjoy!

Method 4: Use “Sneak Peak” to view an Instagram story without being seen

This technique is pretty unique and isolated; so you have to be very meticulous to pull it off and view other users’ stories without being seen.

First, start by finding the story you want to view and through that, just look for the story next to it and that will serve as your “snitch” to see the target story.

While you are looking at the next or previous story to your target story, gently slide to the left or right, but not all the way, and hold it there without releasing. At this point, you should be able to see the entire story, but without anyone being notified! As proof, press the back button and you will see that the story circle is intact; this means that you have not yet seen the content. A small detail but enough to bypass Instagram!

Method No. 5: Turn off the Internet to see Instagram stories anonymously (Airplane Mode).

This method is quite twisted and reflects the desperation of an individual willing to do anything to remain anonymous, we admit, but it works like a charm! MDR It’s also called seeing an Instagram story in Airplane Mode.

Let the Instagram stories load and go to their page. Now switch from Wi-Fi mode to Airplane mode and come back to their page a few seconds later to view the story. Your name will not be revealed.

While people may have different reasons for sneaking into Instagram stories, we strongly suggest that you don’t use the tips given with bad intentions, such as stealing other people’s content or republishing without permission. We hope you will be responsible enough by applying the above given tactics.