How to Recover Deleted Instagram Photos

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Photos

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Photos

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Instagram has just announced the release of a new feature named recently deleted, which allows you to retrieve photos or stories that have been deleted recently. A feature expected by many Internet users.

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How to recover deleted photos and stories?

With the addition of this new feature that acts as a recycle garbage can, Instagram offers to store different types of deleted content: photos, videos, Reels, IGTV and finally your stories (photos and videos). The application will keep your resources until 30 days after the date of deletion except for the stories format which will be accessible until 24 hours after.

To recover your deleted content, follow these steps

  • On your profile, go to the settings tab (accessible by clicking on the icon containing three horizontal bars, at the top right of the app)
  • Then click on account,
  • Click on the recently deleted tab, where you will find all your content.

Fight against account hacking

If the recently deleted function was expected by many users, Instagram also wants to act and protect its community from hackers who hack accounts and, at the same time, have fun deleting content from these accounts. Thus, before you can restore or permanently delete content from the recently deleted folder, Instagram will verify your identity to prove that you are the account holder.

To access this new feature currently being rolled out, also make sure your app is updated.