How to Log into Someone Else Instagram Without Them Knowing

Are you dying to look at your ex’s stories but stopping yourself from doing so for fear that they’ll see that you’ve seen? Good news, there’s a trick to checking out Instagram stories incognito.

>>> Use This Online Tool to Log into Someone Else Instagram Without Them Knowing >>>

Those who have already used and abused crazy tricks like creating a fake account or logging into the account of their best friend to check the stories of an ex/rival/jealous chick will jump for joy. There is a very simple technique to look at someone’s stories without leaving any trace. Even though we suspect you already know about it, on Instagram, you can see who’s watching your stories!

The magic trick to see without being seen is a site called Stories IG. Specifically, once on the platform, you just have to type the name of a user, which must be public, to see his ephemeral stories and his stories on the front page. The best part? You can even download them to send to your BFF. We know you do it too!

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